Amazon Black Friday: It’s Already Begun!

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Black Friday traditionally begins the day after Thanksgiving but Amazon has already begun their Amazon Black Friday deals this year, over three weeks prior to actual Black Friday.

amazon black friday begins early

Check out the Amazon Black Friday Deals!

The start of the Black Friday madness began Saturday as both Amazon and Walmart began offering Holiday deals. While Amazon broke tradition many years back by offering Black Friday deals in early November, this year is a little different. Amazon will be featuring many more products this year and they are offering daily deals so it pays (or rather it “saves”) to visit the Amazon Black Friday deals page early and often.

Navigating the Amazon Black Friday Page

The Amazon Black Friday page seems simple at first but there is much more under the service if you just poke around. And, in poking around, you are much more likely to find the Black Friday deals that you want. Let’s have a look at the photo below:

navigate black friday page

More Than Meets The Eye!

As we see in the image above from the Amazon Black Friday home page, it seems that there are just the deals available on this top carousel but that just scratches the service. There is, in all likelihood, a Black Friday deal that will be to your liking. You simply need to know how to look for it.

And the key here is to view the Black Friday Deals by category as we see in the photo below.

black friday deals by category

View Amazon Black Friday Deals by Category

To view these various categories, you need only to look to the right of the screen and use the “Sort by Category” feature. There, you will find a category to your liking and you can see all of the best Amazon Black Friday deals that are likely to interest you.

If you don’t find something there, be sure to scroll down the page and take a look at the “Countdown to Black Friday Featured Deals”. There are deals here that often do not appear in the category listing.

An Example of Black Friday Shopping on Amazon

Let me give you a quick example of how I do my Christmas shopping in 2014 on the Amazon Black Friday deals page. First, I will visit the Black Friday deals page and navigate over to the category section as explained above.

Now, as I am a big of techie at heart, I will first do a “sort by category” and choose “Computer and Accessories”. There, as you see in the photo below, there are currently only two offerings.

black friday tech

Black Friday Deals On Tech

These are good deals but they are not to my liking. This is where we must probe a bit more because there are many more deals to be had. I scroll further down the page and there we find the “Countdown to Black Friday Featured Deals” as we see below:


Great Deals on Electronics!

Here, I find tremendous deals to my liking. $100 off on new ASUS laptops! There is one full-fledged “all-in-one” laptop that comes in at under $400. If you do not choose the Microsoft Surface 3 for Christmas, this ASUS may be just to your liking.

We also see amazing deals on portable speakers–50% off the top-rated speakers. These days, since we listen to our music primarily on our phones, tablets, and laptops, we all need great Bluetooth speakers for music on the go. Here, we find Philips speakers of outstanding quality for less than $50.

There is always a Black Friday deal for you…you just need to know how to find it!

Moral of the Black Friday Story: Tune-In and Take Advantage

The Amazon Black Friday Page is designed to entice you to visit often to see what the best deals are. They have set up the page in eBay like fashion where deals have a set end date to tempt you to take advantage now. While some of these deals will last through Christmas many don’t. For example, many of the excellent Amazon Black Friday “deals of the days” only last through that particular day. Curious, no? A Black Friday deal that ends 3 weeks before Black Friday even begins!

But that’s how Christmas shopping goes now. Strike early and you may just get the best deals out there. Plus, you’ll get all your shopping done before Black Friday actually begins.

Visit the Amazon Black Friday page now to tune-in and take advantage.

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Richard CummingsAmazon Black Friday: It’s Already Begun!

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