Amazon Fire TV: A Christmas Great Gadget

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Amazon Fire TV Review
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The Amazon Fire:  A First Look

Now-a-days, many people like to watch the Internet from their TV.  In fact, many people prefer to do this, enjoying a Netflix or Amazon Prime movie rather than watching live cable TV.

In fact, I know many people who have just given up on cable because they enjoy the content and the on-demand nature of the Internet better than Cable or Direct TV.

How does the Amazon Fire fit into all of this?

The Amazon Fire allows you to enjoy all of this content by plugging a small box into your LCD TV.  The setup is simple.  You connect this box to your TV, then the Internet, and then you get to sit back and enjoy your favorite programming in great quality on-demand.

In the past, you may have hooked up your TV to the Internet to enjoy a similar effect but it was a huge hassle.  In fact, you probably had to get up and walk over to your laptop just to change the content that you were watching.

Other solutions demand that you have a full keyboard to type in commands and TV shows that you want to watch.

The Amazon Fire?  Well, it has a little remote that you can talk into.  Yep, no more pressing of keys.  The Amazon Fire allows you to talk to it and it’s amazing how quickly it finds your shows.  The consensus among Amazon TV users is simply this:  The Voice Search is Awesome!

That is why we have chose the Amazon Fire TV is one of our great Christmas gadgets of 2014!

Amazon Fire TV by Amazon: Product Description

Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box that connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of TV episodes and movies, voice search that really works, plus exclusive features like Amazon FreeTime, it’s the easiest way to enjoy Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, low-cost…read more“.

Amazon Fire TV: Customer Reviews

While we review all of the products at The Christmas Store online, we always like to step back and objectively assess what others say.  Here are some of the reviews that will help guide you in your decision making:

In a review on April 7, 2014 entitled A review from a non-techie, Mandy wrote, “I’m your typical middle-aged woman – I don’t game, and I’m not super tech-savvy by any means….so take this review for what it is. The Fire TV was easy to install and I’m loving all the features, free movies, music and simple interface – this thing even has a screen saver that comes on when you’re listening to music! We’ve always just had our Comcast cable service without DVR and occasionally used Comcast OnDemand to watch/rent movies – but I’ll never watch from Comcast again. The voice recognition software is amazing and brought me to exactly what I was looking for every single time I searched. It’s just so easy to find what you’re looking for (unlike Comcast), and since I’m an Amazon Prime member most of what I want to view is free – oh and for the new release movies the cost to “rent” from Amazon is on average cheaper than Comcast OnDemand by a ~$1 or more. So happy with this purchase!0″

This reviewer gave Amazon Fire TV a 5.0 star rating.

In a review on April 3, 2014 entitled Works great with one critical flaw. (significantly improved), Gregory P. Baker wrote, “Having received my Fire TV today, I’ve been trying it out for the past couple of hours.Setup was a no brainer. It required an update immediately so it did take about 15 minutes to have it in action but the process was very simple.The image quality (movies and games) is excellent. I’ve tried several movies from Amazon Prime and they look and sound nearly Blu Ray quality as far as I can tell.Navigation is very straightforward and it’s generally easy to find anything you’re looking for. Installation of games and apps goes very smoothly and generally pretty quickly.The remote works very well. I haven’t played with the voice search feature much yet, but when I have tried it, it worked well. The buttons on the remote are well thought out and I prefer it to the Apple TV remote.I only have one gripe. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to limit the list of movies and tv shows to what is available for Amazon Prime members. This makes…”

This reviewer gave Amazon Fire TV a 4.0 star rating.

In a review on April 3, 2014 entitled This box is a GAME CHANGER for on demand content! Amazon knocked it out of the park. Refreshed & UPDATED with Tips!, William Hardin wrote, “I am not a casual user of on-demand content and devices. Having tried smart tv’s from 3 brands, smart dvd/bluray players, Apple TV, WDTV, HTPC, Chromecast and too many other competing products to mention–for streaming content, before this box you really had two options (for a simple to use box that doesn’t require additional items or tweaking):First is Apple TV which is easy to use (interface) but Apple limits the content you can get greatly (including no Prime Streaming built in) and it lacks a lot in features as well and is slow. The reason for selecting Apple TV is if you have other apple products that unlock features (like Amazon’s content).The second option you could consider was Roku–which really means a Roku 3 box since it is heads and tails better than past Roku boxes in terms of remote and speed. Now Roku stands out with the most content and the most features of any box with the Roku 3. It is for that reason you will see me address the Roku 3 so…”

This reviewer gave Amazon Fire TV a 5.0 star rating.

Based on all 10,902 reviews, Amazon Fire TV has achieved an average rating of 4.0 STARS out of 5!

As Christmas 2014 near, you will probably want to put the Amazon Fire on your list of must-haves!

Buy the Amazon Fire TV now.


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