Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes: A Great Christmas Gift for Kids

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Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes:   Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes for Christmas
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Toddler Christmas Gifts: Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes

Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes makes one of the best toddler Christmas Gifts this year as it enhances music appreciation in your young child and develops their auditory senses.  But more than that, the kids love it!  Right up there with Brilliant Basics Bably Blocks, Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes is the #2 selling baby Christmas gift.

It seems as though before kids learn to walk, they know how to move their bodies to the music.  And then, once they take their first step, they are moving to the beat.  It’s one of the greatest joys in life to see your child enjoying music!

And this is what Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes is all about.  It’s like an mp3 player for your young kids.

This unit features many classical masterpieces that the kids love.  From Mozart to Chopin, your child develops an affinity for these songs without even knowing it.  Plus, it is super easy to use!  As you see in the picture, there is one giant button that they can touch to play the music.

This is truly one of the best Christmas gifts this year.  Your toddlers will love it!

Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes by Baby Einstein: Product Description

Baby Einstein is truly a maker of many great toys for your children.  Read their description below of Takealonog Tunes.

Promote music appreciation by introducing your little one to baby-friendly versions of classical masterpieces by Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini with the Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes! A large, easy-to-press button allows your baby to toggle through 7 high quality and enjoyable classical melodies at home or on-the-go! This baby’s version of an ”MP3…read more“.

Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes: Customer Reviews

Takealong Tunes has enjoyed phenomenal success as a gift for young kids.  As mentioned, it is the #2 bestselling gift for kids right now and continues to thrive.  Let’s look at what recent reviewers had to say about Takealong Tunes.

On September 23, this mother said: “My daughter loves the music and enjoys playing it when she is in her car seat. The buttons are easy and it is light weight, very packable. A great on-the-go toy for sure.” She named her review Simple yet fun and  gave Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes a 4 star rating.

On September 22, this reviewer said: “Awesome toy! Great music! A colored light for each note, and a colorful handle. Easy button for teaching baby how to make the music play. These people make great products…” This person named their review Very Cool Toy and they gave Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes a 5 star rating.

On September 21, a new reviewer added: “Would say great toy, but haven’t had for that long. So far it has been a help in the car. Helped calm her down when other non-musical toys wouldn’t. Fits perfectly in her 5 month old hands. Would recommend.” This person named their review Good toy and they gave Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes a 4 star rating.

Based on all 166 reviews, the Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes has achieved an average rating of 4.5 STARS out of 5!

Takealong Tunes is a hit…Buy the Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes now.

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Richard CummingsBaby Einstein Takealong Tunes: A Great Christmas Gift for Kids

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