Bananagrams: A Great Christmas Gift for Kids

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Bananagrams for Christmas

Banagrams are part of a new breed of toys that both kids and parents love; it’s called Edutainment.

Why do Banagrams make our list of the best Christmas gifts?  Well, we need look no further than the reviews below.

Nearly 200 people have reviewed the Bananagrams game and it receives nearly perfect reviews.

Banagrams is  like a Scrabble Game that can be played by the whole family, by people of all ages.  It requires not “extras” so you  can just grab the game and begin fun for the kids and whole family.

Banagrams also enables the kids to learn while they are having fun and they love it.

With great reviews, and a complete edutainment value for your kids, it is no wonder that Banagrams makes the list of the best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2009!

Bananagrams by Bananagrams: Product Description

Bananagrams is a fast and fun word game that requires no pencil, paper or board. All you need is a table. One hand can be played in as little as five minutes. It is a great for family fun as well as being educational. Bananagrams portability makes it perfect for travel. Just grab the pouch and go….read more“.

Bananagrams: Customer Reviews

Manufactures will always put glossy descriptions on their product, but we also value customer feedback more.

In a review on July 20th, review Nikkig said:  “So far our family prefers this new game to Scrabble – each person gets to work on their own words at their own pace, you get to arrange and rearrange your letters however you want which can be just as challenging as working off of somebody elses words like you do in Scrabble.

One game with just two people lasted at least 30 minutes – but it didn’t seem that long, it’s easy to get very involved in concentrating on the words and letters.

Overall I would recommend it – we found it to be a little more relaxing and fun than Scrabble but at the same time a good challenge.”

In a review on July 08 entitled Banagrams! Greatest thing since the invention of ice 😉, chousehldr wrote, “Bananagrams is a game for kids and grownups! Better than scrabble and really challenges the mind. We are enjoying it with kids from 7 to 70 !” This reviewer gave Bananagrams a 5 star rating.

In a review on July 06 entitled Love it!, amork wrote, “The other enthusiastic reviewers have pretty much covered the joys of Bananagrams. I just wanted to add, that unlike most games, there is no accumulative score so players can be added or leave the game between rounds. Particularly great for family gatherings. ” This listener gave Bananagrams a 5 star rating.

Based on all 197 reviews, the Bananagrams has achieved an average rating of 5.0 STARS out of 5!

Buy the Bananagrams now.

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Richard CummingsBananagrams: A Great Christmas Gift for Kids

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