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Fathers Day Gift IdeasThe page brings you the Best Father’s Day Gifts for the most important man in your life…your dad.

First, let’s get to the most important question: What day is Father’s Day? This year, 2009, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 21st. Ok, now that we know the when, we need to know the what!

If you ask, What should I get my dad for Father’s Day, we are here to provide you with great Fathers Day Gift Ideas. At first thought, it can often be difficult to determine what to get your dad for Father’s Day. Dad’s have everything, right? Wrong!

We may assume that there is nothing that we can get our dad. And often, Dad’s play it cool suggesting that they do not want anything for Father’s Day. However, just like when a women says she does not need Roses for Valentines, we are not getting the truth.

Your dad is like everyone else. He LOVES it when people honor and celebrate him…though he may not readily admit it. Dad’s are often overlooked for all that they do for us and they do it expecting nothing in return. So, honor your dad this Father’s Day.

He’ll say he doesn’t want anything, but he does! Thus, we bring you the Best Father’s Day Gifts.

Personalized Fathers Day Gifts

#1 of the Fathers Day Gift IdeasPersonalized Sports Beer Mug:  One of the Best Fathers Day GiftsWe feel that the best Father’s Day Gifts are often the most personal ones. Here, we see a beer-mug engraved with your father’s initials. Dad’s LOVE personalized father’s day gifts.

If your dad is not a beer drinker, do not fret. There are many personalized father’s day gifts available including tools, Locket Keychains, Chopsticks, wine bottles, lighters, cigar caddies, golf equipment. Basically, if you want it, it can be engraved. Click the link below to see all of the items that can be engraved!

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The Coolest Father’s Day Gift Imaginable

#2 of the Special Father Day GiftsKindle: Amazon's 6This is the coolest gift that you could get your dad for Father’s Day. However, the price is not cheap. But, if your dad has everything, and you have a little extra money to spend, the Amazon Kindle exceeds cool.

Does your dad like to read? The new Amazon Kindle hold over 1,500 books all on a book sized tablet that weighs less than a book. And, books, ANY BOOK, can be downloaded in 60 seconds with the built-in wireless capability. Additionally, the new Kindle holds just about every single newspaper that your dad would ever want to read. Want the absolute best Father’s gift? This is it…for sure!

Read More About the Amazing Kindle Here

Father’s Day Electronics: Camera’s, LCD’s, iPods, and Much More

#3 of the Purchase Fathersday GiftsHaier HLT71 7-Inch Portable LCD TV:  One of the Favorite Fathers Day GiftsIs your dad into gadgets? If so, look no further than the gifts presented in this section. The techy selections available now are simply incredible.

Think LCDs are expensive? Check out LCD to your left! It’s portable, digital, and you can watch TV from anywhere as it works with the new digital infrastructure. Best of all? It’s only about $100. Dad would love it!

And that’s not all. There are Father’s Day Specials on cameras, iPods, home theater, and many cool technical gifts. From the best LCDs to the best point shoot camera, you will find something for dad. Click the link below to learn more.

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Father’s Day Golf Gifts

#4 of the Fathers Day Gift IdeasGolfLogix GPS by Garmin:  One of the Best Fathers Day GiftsDo have a dad who loves golf? If so, your choices are virtually limitless. All golfers are in need of something. We have selected one of the best gifts that you see to your left. It is a golf GPS so that your dad knows how far away from the pin he is and can always hit the best shot!

If he already has one of these, do not fret. There is golf clubs, golf apparel, and what every golfer always needs…golf balls. See the great selections by clicking the link below.

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Sports and Outdoors Gifts For Father’s Day

#5 of the Special Father Day GiftsWenzel Ponderosa 10- by 8-Foot Four-Person Two-Room Dome Tent:  One of the Gifts For Fathers DayIs your dad a lover of the outdoors? Is he an avid sportsmen enjoying exercise, tennis, biking, running, and other activities? If so, this is where you want to get your Fathers Day Gift Ideas.

There are tremendous sales available right now on all active Father’s Day Gifts. The tent to your left, which fits 4 people, can be had for just $40 and makes a great gift for dad. You will also find big savings on exercise equipment, bikes, baseball gloves, footballs, soccer balls, and cool active-wear clothes. If your dad is an outdoors men, click the link below to find his Father’s Day Gift.

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Father’s Day Automotive Gifts: For “The Car” Dad

#6 of the Favorite Fathers Day GiftsActron CP9180 AutoScanner Plus Diagnostic Code Scanner with Live, Record and Playback Data Capability and O2 Monitor Test for OBDII  Vehicles:  One of the Purchase Fathers Day GiftsIs your dad a car guy? If you answered yes to that question, this is your section for the Best Fathers Day Gifts.

Do you know what that picture to your right is? No? Well, your dad probably does and he does not have one yet. It is a “diagnostic code scanner” which easily retrieves trouble codes from your vehicle’s computer to diagnose problems. Sound cool? That’s because it is. At around $100, your “car dad” will absolutely love it. You can find many more gifts for the automotive dad in your family by clicking below.

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Father’s Day Tools: For the “Tool Time” Dad

#7 of the Purchase Fathers Day GiftsSkil 2895LI-04 18-Volt 2-Battery Drill Driver Kit:  One of the Gifts For Fathers DayDoes your dad ever do work around the house? If not, would he like to start? Many of us have dad’s with their “area” of the garage and in this area, they have all of their tools. Well, dad could always use more tools for Father’s Day!

The picture you see to your left is an automated power tool that needs no cords and can drill through almost anything. It is truly an amazing tool that your dad would love. And there is so much more. From full, inexpensive tool sets, to drill bits, to saws, this section has it all for the “tool-time” dad. Tools are great Fathers Day Gift Ideas. Click the link below to see a vast assortment of tools for your Father on his big day.

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Father’s Day Watches: Time to Style Your Dad

#8 of the Special Father Day GiftsCitizen Men's Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch #BL5250-02L:  One of the Favorite Fathers Day GiftsHow many watches does your dad have? My guess would be just one. Watch make the best Father’s Day Gifts because nobody has ever bought your dad another. Sure, he is comfortable with the one that he has but he needs a new look, doesn’t he? Watches are the one fashion accessory that men wear and they need to have options, not just the one that they bought 20 years ago.

The great thing about watches is that they come in so many styles and prices. The watch you see to your left is a Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive that looks great. This watch features a titanium case and deep blue dial that will style up dad like he never has been before. It is “time” to make your dad look great. See the great selection of watches by clicking the link below!

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Personal Items for Dad: He Needs Them!

#9 of the Fathers Day Gift IdeasPhilips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom Shaver:  One of the Best Fathers Day GiftsHave you noticed on occasion that dad’s nose hairs have gotten a little longer? Have you realized that he does not trim his sideburns? Well, let’s face it. Some men are not aware of the new movement…men taking care of their look everyday. There are a great set of products, from shavers to creams, that make great Father’s Day Gifts.

I will tell you a little secret about men. They enjoy these products. They’ll pretend and say, “Oh, I would never use this” and then it quickly becomes their favorite Father’s Day Gift. Men enjoy taking care of themselves. See all the great products that are available to men by clicking the link below.

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The BBQ Master and Other Entertaining Gifts

#10 of the Fathers Day Gift IdeasMr. Bar-B-Q 18-Piece Tool Set with Plastic Case:  One of the Best Fathers Day GiftsDoes your dad like to entertain and have parties? Well, this section has the Father’s Day Gift Ideas for you.

To your left, you see featured the ultimate gift for the father who likes to BBQ. Most dad’s know how to BBQ and this gift gives them the extra tools to be the master of the Barby! And there are many other great gifts for entertaining. We offer ice-makers, Wine Decanters, Coffee Press’s, Coaster Sets, and much, much more for the father who likes to entertain. See the great Father’s Day selection of these gifts by follow the link below.

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Best Father’s Day Gifts: Summary

So, now you know what day is Father’s Day! Father’s Day is June 21st. And you need to get that special man, yes–the one who raised you, something great for his special day. He spends his life taking care of others…make this one day special for him.

On our page of Best Father’s Day Gifts, we have attempted to give you great Father’s Day Gift Ideas so that you can easily find the best gift for your father. From Personalized Fathers Day Gifts, to Father’s Day Gifts for Sports Lovers, to special father’s gifts for the techie and trendy dad, we hope that you are able to find something to suit your father.

If you would like to add your favorite Father’s Day Gifts that are not covered here, we invite all of your selections and ideas in the comments below.

Our dad’s gave us life…now let’s give them a great day.

And to all of your Father’s who happen upon this page, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

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