Best Man Speech: How to Be Funny

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When you deliver a best man speech, the audience expects many warm words towards the bride and groom but they also expect humor, they expect to laugh, they expect you to be funny.

So how do you accomplish this?  How can you be funny in your best man speech?  Are there any good best man wedding jokes?

To be funny in a best man speech is a challenge!  Why?  The Audience!

Many guys are funny around their guy friends.  However, this humor often does not work and may not be appropriate for a wedding.  Consider the attendees:  the mother and father of the bride and groom, grandparents, young children, friends of parents.  Basically, the audience comes in all forms, from young to old, puritanical to edgy.

How can you create laughter with such parameters imposed?  You can’t be too dirty (like you may be with your guy friends) but you don’t want to be all fluffy, emotional, and soft that people will not find any enjoyment in your best man speech.

What is the solution to this?

I like to think of Disney movies when I think of a solution to this problem.  Disney movies are for kids…right?  But who takes these kids to all of the movies?  Their parents!  Children’s movies are most popular when the parents enjoy them too.  Word of mouth travels among parents and they suggest to each other what children’s movies they might also enjoy.

Disney movies are stuffed with innuendo and nuance that borders on edgy.  The beauty with innuendo and nuance in a best man speech is that the innocents in the wedding crowd–maybe grandma or younger sisters–simply do not get it while the others find the humor in it.

So how do you incorporate humor in your speech?  In the article entitled, Using Humor in Your Speech, the author mentions to draw on your personal experiences.  You know you have some funny stories with the groom and possible with the bride and groom together.  These stories may or may not be appropriate for the wedding party.  However, phrased properly, these stories can be told in a nuanced way so that people in the know get it while the others enjoy the face value of the story.

Where to go from here?

Read  Daniel Stevens great book entitled Best Man Speeches – Be Fearless, Funny, and Flawless! to get further ideas on how to incorporate humor into your Best Man Speech.  This book is full of best man speech insight and even provides audio examples so that you not only find the words for your speech, but the learn the nuance as well.

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Richard CummingsBest Man Speech: How to Be Funny

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