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In these days with a difficult economy we can find many Best New Car Incentives.  Each car company is angling for your business right now because there are not many buyers.  So when you ask how do I get the best deal on a new car?, the answer is to buy when the market is slumping.  During these times, you can always negotiate the best car price!

Our team of experts has compiled a list of the current best new car incentives for you.  Before you even step foot on a new car lot, you need to be aware of these incentives in order to negotiation the best car price.  This will allow you to be an informed buyer and not be manipulated by the salesman.  You will literally be able to save thousands of dollars on your new car purchase by being an informed car buyer.

Also remember, as we look at the best new car incentives, that these car rebates are offered from the manufacturer, not the dealer.  The car dealer is not making any less money by giving you such a great deal on a new car.  You can usually negotiate further.   As John F. Wasik suggests in his great article How to Use Incentives:

If you decide to take the rebate, the dealer may insist that’s the best deal you’re going to get, hoping you’ll leave it there and sign up for financing. But rebates are offered by the manufacturer — that money doesn’t come out of the dealer’s pocket — so you can definitely get a better price.”

New Car incentives are often unavailabe for the most popular models.  Currently, however, we can find the best new car incentives on many of the absolute top model cars because of the paucity of buyers.  However, this is a bit of a Catch-22, as Bob Harem states:

It’s the irony of the industry and the car purchasing world.  When the best new car incentives are available, not many people have the cash to take advantage of them.  However, with the deals available now, and the measures the government is taking to extend credit, all buyers should be able to find great deals on new cars.”

Car dealers are currently offering their best new car incentives in the form of rebates and special financing offers. Here are 5 of the best offers:

Best New Car Incentives: A Sampling of What Is Available

  1. Cadillac is currently offering $8,500 cash back or 0.9% financing on the 2008 Cadillac Escalade.
  2. Chevrolet is offering $7,250 cash back or 0.0% financing on the 2008 Trailblazer.
  3. Ford is offering $8,000 cash back on the 2008 F-450 or 0.0% financing.
  4. Honda is offering 2.9% financing on virtually of of their vehicles.   (Honda never offers deals so you know that this is a great time to buy new car!)
  5. Infiniti is offering less than 1% financing on many of their new makes and models as well as attractive lease rates.

We found that the best place to find new car incentives is the Incentives: Rebates & Financing Offers page on   You will find their Top 10 Cash-Back Offers page very attractive with frequently updated lists of the Top Cash Back offers available to you today.

How Do I Get the Best Deal On A New Car

Many of our visitors ask this very question: How Do I Get the Best Deal On A New Car? Other questions include How do I take advantage of the best new car incentives? How do I negotiate the best car price? What is the best month to purchase a new car?

Two of the largest purchases that one makes in life are a house and a car. The best way to get the best deal on a new car is knowledge. Do your research!

Top 5 Articles on Buying a New Car

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  2. How to Buy a New Car and Not Get Screwed
  3. How to Negotiate a Price and Buy a New Car
  4. How to Buy a New Or Used Car
  5. 10 Steps to Buying a New Car

What Is The Best Month To Purchase A New Car

Many of our visitors inquire as to what is the best month to purchase a new car?

The answer to this depends on the state of the economy. For instance, this month (April) is usually not a great time to buy a car. However, right now April is a good time to buy a car given the state of the economy and the incentives being offered.

Historically, the best month to purchase a new car is the end of December. With everyone buying Christmas Gifts, dealer lots are empty and so they have to offer new car incentives. Also, you may be able to negotiate the best car price after July as car dealers are cleaning house and making way for the new year models.

Where to Find Best New Car Incentives

Each of the six websites below has very good information on new car incentives and rebates. As mentioned, we found # 1 and the other five sites listed also have valuable information:

  2. Internet Auto Guide

We hope that you have found this list of best new car incentives valuable and informative as you seek to get the best deal on a new car and negotiate the best car price.

Buying a new car can be a very big step. However, if you do your research, you will know that you made the best car purchase at the best price.

Good luck and happy driving!

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