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Have you ever tarried away hours watching silly, inane, awesome YouTube videos.  At The Best List Online, we sure have.  So we are starting a Best YouTube Video Contest.

Bookmark this page (CTRL-D) and let us know when you find the Best YouTube Video.  Place a note and link in the comments below and we will add your video selection to this page.

We are going to start the contest right now with the Best YouTube Video that we just found.

Best YouTube Video Contest

Best YouTube Video Submission #1: Billy Balls 2

This video is simply amazing and this guy is cool and casual. The Rocky Music…you gotta love it! And the ping pong tricks? You know he doesn’t hit on the first try each time. How long did this take? I had a friend who did a backward double-bullseye in darts and it took him all day for a 30 second video. No matter–kudos to Billy Bals 2 for, what we believe, is the Best YouTube Video.

Remember, add your submissions for the Best YouTube Video Contest in the comments below and then we’ll add your video to the page! If you would like, you can place your name and a link in there or just make it anonymous.

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Richard CummingsBest YouTube Video: Contest

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