Bill Cosby Replaces Eminem on the Charts…

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Bill Cosby has not made news in awhile.  This morning I noticed Bill Cosby’s name was being searched for frequently on the Internet.  When someone slightly older has not been heard from in awhile, and then they make news, that news often means that they are…dead. 

Oh-no, I thought, did the beloved Bill Cosby die?   And the results I discovered are worse than death.

The headlines read Bill Cosby to release rap album in May

What?  The 70 year-old comedian is making a rap album?  Is this the way you are going to ride gracefully into your sunset years, Bill?

Fortunately, further reading revealed that Bill will not actually be singing on this album.

“I do not rap on any of these things…I wouldn’t know how to fix my mouth to say some of the words.”  BC 

Thank goodness for this.

Bill will use guest-rappers to promote his ideals of self-respect, the value of education, and positive moral fibre.

Will this work?  I’m not so sure.  I like rap and am currently thinking of one of my favorites from Eminem Ft. Nate Dog – Shake That Ass For Me.

Now, mentally, I’m replacing the word ass with education.  Shake That Education For Me.  Hmmm…doesn’t seem to quite fit.

I like Bill Cosby and hope his rapping for a better world has success.

But another part of me thinks, at his age, the better approach would be to just provide us with a webpage status…like with Abe Vigoda:  Are you alive or dead?

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Richard CummingsBill Cosby Replaces Eminem on the Charts…

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