Brett Favre Reacts To Superbowl

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Brett Favre Interviewed After Superbowl

Last night, after the amazing win by the Packers in Superbowl XLV, Brett Favre was interviewed about the outcome. Here is a the video transcript of that interview:

What Does Brett Favre Really Think About the Superbowl

Obviously, the above video is a joke. But, it’s pretty good, huh? In reality, Brett Favre had nothing but praise for his former team as we read in this article entitled Brett Favre: Packers Will Win Super Bowl.

Betting on Brett Favre

Did you know that you could actually place a bet on how many times the Fox broadcasters–Troy Aikman and Joe Buck–would mention the name Brett Favre during the Superbowl telecast last night? The over/under was apparently 2.5. In the end, Troy and Joe did not mention Brett Favre one time during the telecast…read more at In an upset, Fox delivers a Favre-free Super Bowl

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Richard CummingsBrett Favre Reacts To Superbowl

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