Charlie Sheen Today Show Interview

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In Charlie Sheen’s interview on the Today Show this morning, he disproves every single point he makes, like “I’m a total frickin’ rock star from Mars”, with his appearance–he looks like an absolute crack addict nearing a sudden end.

I have been a Charlie Sheen fan for a long time. Despite all evidence, I thought he might actually have it together and that all of these recent shenanigans may somehow be just contrived publicity while Charlie rakes in the money and secretly lives a life of a good father and respectable actor.

Until now.

In Charlie Sheen’s Today Show interview this morning, we see a true drug addict rambling insanities and inanities that indicate he is near the edge of a cliff and is about to fall off.

Here is just a clip from the interview:

Charlie Sheen Today Show Interview

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For the full Charlie Sheen Today Show interview that aired today, visit this page.

There will be more to come tomorrow when Charlie discusses his two new girlfriends who he calls “The Goddesses”.

As I said, I always thought–or maybe hoped–that Charlie Sheen secretly had it all together. Now, after seeing this interview, I just hope he lives…

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Richard CummingsCharlie Sheen Today Show Interview

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