The Dell XPS 18 Christmas Review: An Excellent All-In-One Computer!

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Dell - XPS 18 18.4
View the Best Price On The Dell – XPS 18 18.4″ Portable Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer – 4GB Memory – 500GB Hard Drive – Windows 8

A Great Christmas Gadget: The Dell All-In-One XPS 18

Has Dell finally provided the answer to what an “All-in-One Computer” should be? Our answer is yes, but with a couple exceptions for some buyers.

Computer manufacturers have been trying to come up with an answer to this question: “How can we combine the portability of a tablet with the robustness of a laptop?”.

This Dell All-In-One is the answer to this question for many people but not for all.

I first discovered this Dell XPS 18 on a visit to Costco to buy something else. Like many a man, I always browse the section with the LCDs and computers because, well, I am a man and I love my gadgets. As I browsed this area, I saw a screen which I first thought was a smaller LCD TV but in actuality was the Dell XPS 18. With great curiosity about this larger tablet, I stayed there and played with the XPS 18 for at least an hour. I loved it so much I went home and bought one from Amazon because they had a better price than the one that I saw at Costco.

Let me tell you why I loved this Dell XPS 18 and why you may love it as I do…or why you may not.

I have been searching for some type of device that I could use as both a tablet and a laptop. To date, there have been no credible answers. I really like the Microsoft Surface (see our Christmas review of the Microsoft Surface 3) but I have one big problem with it: the screen size.

One thing that I love to do with my laptop is watch movies. And, for this reason, most of these attempted solutions to “All-In-One” computers fail me–their screens are too small!

Not so with the Dell XPS 18. This bad-boy has an 18.4 inch portable touch screen. Yes, that’s right, no keyboard necessary (though it comes with one when you want to use it as a laptop).

How is the Dell XPS 18 for watching movies? Excellent! It will triumph over any hybrid solution because it is the only quality All-In-One of it’s size. Yes, there is minor competition in this marketplace but none of the other entrants in this “large tablet portable computer” market come close to this Dell XPS.

So, how does it function as a laptop? Well, I do all my work on this Dell (in fact, I am writing this article on it) and it beats many other true laptops. The XPS 18 comes with 4GB of memory (there is also an 8GB option) and a 500GB hard drive which is plenty of hardware to do almost any task.

Obviously, I love this machine but let me tell you about the two drawbacks that may impact your buying decision.

One: There is no HDMI port with this XPS 18. I have no idea why they did not include one because this type of connection is practically mandatory now-a-days. The reason that I like an HDMI port is that I frequently connect my laptop to my LCD to watch movies. When I realized that there was no HDMI port, I almost did not go with this machine but then I realized that I could accomplish this with a “Wi-Di” connection.

You know what though? I did not need to do this because I realized that the screen is so big that when I watch a movie in bed with the XPS 18, it’s like having a 60 inch television right there.

The second drawback for some folks may be the weight/size of the XPS 18. Why? Well, it depends how you use your tablet. I know, for instance, that many women carry their iPads around in their purse and go truly “portable” with it. If this is the case, you may want to go with the Microsoft Surface 3 this holiday season.

For me though, I typically carry my tablet with me around the house and on business trips. I don’t treat it like my phone that I would have with me every second of the day. So, for me, the weight/size factor was not prohibitive.

Finally, the cost. Right now, there are some great deals going on with the XPS 18 and it should come in around $700-$800, which is less than what you would pay for the Microsoft Surface at most locales. This is a heck of a deal when you consider the horse-power and screen size of this tablet/laptop.

Dell – XPS 18 : Customer Reviews

I’ve given you my take on Dell XPS 18. Obviously, I am very positive on this hybrid beauty. However, it’s important to see what others users around the globe say about the Dell XPS. So, let’s have a look at what some of the other latest reviews say.

A 15-Minute Video Review of the Dell XPS 18

What the Latest Users Say About the Dell XPS 18

In a review on August 3, 2013 entitled Yes, Phoj wrote, “I love this 18.4″ tablet. It runs smoothly and is very responsive to my fingers.Battery lasts forever and it’s so light for being so big.I’ve had this since early June and have been so incredibly pleased so far. It runs just like a desktop computer, but it allows me to hold it on my lap and browse like a giant tablet.”

This reviewer gave Dell – XPS 18 18.4″ Portable Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer – 4GB Memory – 500GB Hard Drive – Windows 8 a 5.0 star rating.

In a review on October 2, 2013 entitled A surprise mega-winner — an enormous, but still light Windows 8 iPad for creative & productive people, Good Stuff wrote, “Amazing little computer.Out of the AIOs (All In Ones) — and I’ve checked them all — this is easily my favorite at the time of this writing. And I’m normally a Dell hater, and a Mac fanatic! (seriously!)It’s light enough (around 5 pounds) so you can drag it from room to room, or even pick it up and show people things.You can also travel with it. Just throw it in your luggage with your clothes, and you have a FULL computer with you…”

This reviewer gave Dell – XPS 18 18.4″ Portable Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer – 4GB Memory – 500GB Hard Drive – Windows 8 a 5.0 star rating.

Based on all 13 reviews, Dell – XPS 18 18.4″ Portable Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer – 4GB Memory – 500GB Hard Drive – Windows 8 has achieved an average rating of 3.5 STARS out of 5!

Aside from the few considerations I mentioned above for some buyers, the Dell “All-In-One” might just be the perfect gift to give yourself or your tech-loving loved-ones this Holiday season!

See the best deal on the Dell – XPS 18 here.

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Richard CummingsThe Dell XPS 18 Christmas Review: An Excellent All-In-One Computer!

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