Google Chromecast: The Best Stocking Stuffing of the Year?

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Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Review
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Chromecast: The Easiest, Least Expensive Way to Stream To Your TV

At The Christmas Store Online, we love all of the new technologies that come out around Christmas time. And, though Google Chromecast is not new, the price has been reduced to a low $22 for the Holiday season. This might just be the best $22 that you spend all year long!

Chromecast: This Little Device Packs a Big Punch

So, what is Google Chromecast and what can you do with it? Well, to answer that question, let’s ask a few more? Have you ever wanted to show photos from your Android phone or iPhone on your flat screen TV? Do you have movies on your computer that you would like to watch on your big screen TV? Have you ever wanted to use your phone as a remote control for your LCD TV? Want to surf Facebook on your TV? Want to stream Netflix, HBOGO, or Amazon Prime to your LCD?

If you want to do any of these things, then Chromecast from Google is a must-have. We have nominated it as our best stocking stuffer of the year.

In a nutshell, whatever you do on your laptop, phone, or tablet can be seen on your big LCD screen.

Simply put, it’s the best $22 you will ever spend. Now, let’s take a look at how Chromecast works.

How Google Chromecast Works

First, let’s take a look at Google’s overview video so you get an idea of just how easy Chromecast is to use.

As we look at the video, we can see that Google Chromecast connects via HDMI to your TV and you then you simply connect Chromecast to your home Wi-Fi network. And, since your tablet, phone, and/or laptop computer are all also connected to your Wi-Fi, you’re good to go.

Do I Need An App for Chromecast?

There are an abundance of apps available for Chromecast. This list is long and includes all of the big names that you expect like Netflix, HBOGO, Pandora, Comedy Central and hundreds more. For a list of the full apps for Chromecast, take a look at this page.

How About Chromecast on Laptops

One of things that I love about Chromecast is that I can watch all of the movies, videos, or photos that I have stored locally here on my laptop. The biggest question that people have with using Chromecast with a laptop is this: “I don’t use apps on my laptop so how do I use Chromecast?”

The answer to this question is actually really simply: You just do everything through your Chrome browser. The challenge is that most people have never done this.

Here is an example: I have the Bourne Identity movies stored on my laptop and I want to watch them on my LCD TV via Chromecast. I simply visit my Chrome Browser and, instead of putting in “”, I put in the location of the movie like this: file:///c:/movies/thebourneidentity.mp4. Then, I hit cast and I’m off and running.

Chromecast: Why It’s the Best Stocking Stuffer for 2014

As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of Chromecast. Sure, there are competitors like Roku that do the same thing but there are two stark differences between Chromecast and it’s competitors: (1) Chromecast is MUCH smaller which is makes it more aesthetically pleasing and easy to fit in the stocking :). And (2), Chromecast is $22 while all of the competitors are around $100 or more.

Now, I think I know why Google makes this device so cheap–it’s because they want to get everyone using Google Chrome and this is fine because Google Chrome is a great browser.

The bottom line is: Google Chromecast rocks…allowing you to see everything on your big LCD TVs from all of your devices. And it makes a great holiday gift because you can show all of your Christmas photos on your LCD in real time.

It’s simply the best stocking stuffer for 2014.

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player: Customer Reviews

We obviously think Google Chromecast delivers great bang for the buck. Now, let’s take a look at what others are saying:

In a review on September 12, 2013 entitled Simple, Neat, Easy way to stream media to a TV, ArborRes wrote, “…Relatively inexpensive ($35) compared to other options (Roku, Apple TV,…)2. Easy to setup (takes only 5 min)3. Can control using multiple devices (smartphone, PC, tablet) on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)4. Can stream anything on the Chrome browser (duplicating what’s on screen)5. Can cue up multiple play items…”

This reviewer gave Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player a 5.0 star rating.

In a review on July 24, 2013 entitled Honest Review from a Developer – Reposted, Jasper Lynn wrote:

I have had this product for weeks so I was able to give more than just a short term insight. In fact, I like the idea of it so much that I ordered two additional through Amazon yesterday before they sold out!Jasper

This reviewer gave Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player a 4.0 star rating.

In a review on July 27, 2013 entitled An Actual Chromecast Owner, Shauna Morgan wrote:

“Setup was easy and within 5 minutes, I was watching a youtube video on my 65” TV. The quality was VERY good. I tried a 1080p video first “Big Buck Bunny” and it looked, played and sounded wonderful.Shuana

This reviewer gave Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player a 5.0 star rating.

Based on all 24,197 reviews, Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player has achieved an average rating of 4.0 STARS out of 5! View all Chromecast Reviews.

I have never seen a product for $22 that delivers so much.

Buy the Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player now.

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Richard CummingsGoogle Chromecast: The Best Stocking Stuffing of the Year?

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