Google Cuts Jobs at Mobility.

Google Slashing Nearly 4,000 Employees at Motorola Mobility

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Google Cuts Jobs at Mobility.

Google Lays Off 4,000 at Motorola Mobility

Google, who purchased Motorola Mobility for about $12.5 billion in August of 2011, will slash about 4,000 jobs from the payroll at Motorola, more thant 60% of whom are overseas employees and close about a third of the Mobility offices.

As many cell phone manufactures, especially Samsung, have eclipsed Motorola mobility products, Google claims to be shedding jobs to maintain competitiveness in a hyper-competitive industry.  Google’s long run play for mobility is to develop far fewer products of much higher quality rarther than competing with the likes of Samsung and developing 100’s of different smartphones.

Or, is it?

Many have claimed that Google’s purchase of Mobility has far more to do with patents than people.  Could this just be the tip of the iceberg?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Google Cuts Jobs and Closes Plants at Motorola Mobility:  Industry News

Google slashing jobs at the recently purchased Motorla Mobility is making quite the splash in the Smartphone industry.  Let’s have a look at what some of the industry pundits are saying:

Google to Slash Motorola Jobs
Morning Business Memo: Google will remake Motorola Mobility, the cell phone maker it bought this year, beginning with job cuts. Google plans to lay off 20 percent of Motorola Mobility’s workforce and close a third of its worldwide offices. The cell phone maker has suffered… (read more)

Google to Cut 4K Motorola Jobs, Take $275M Charge
Motorola Mobility, which was bought by Google for $12.5 billion, will shed 20% of its workforce, causing the search giant to take a $275 million charge in the third quarter.  (read more)

Google cutting 4,000 at Motorola unit
Google is cutting about 4,000 jobs at its Motorola Mobility wireless phone business and will close or consolidate about one-third of Motorola’s 90 locations. (read more)

Google plans to reinvent Motorola by laying off 20% of its workforce
It has only been a few months since Google (GOOG) completed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, however The New York Times is reporting that the Internet giant has notified employees about a huge round of upcoming layoffs. Google will eliminate 20% of Motorola’s workforce according to a regulatory filing, a third of which will come from its U.S. operations. Google will also close a third of … (read more)


Guest AuthorGoogle Slashing Nearly 4,000 Employees at Motorola Mobility

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