How Did Ricky Martin Have Twin Babies?

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I ask “How did Ricky Martin have twin babies?” not because I am unaware how the process works but because I was unaware that Ricky Martin enjoyed the process.

And so, when I read the headline today Ricky Martin fathers twins, I thought Hmmm, Ricky Martin might possibly be straight.  Afterall, the term “fathers” implies that he engaged in the act to create the twins.

This proves not to be the case.  “The Latin superstar had the children via a surrogate mother,” the article began.  Ala, Michael Jackson? 

Rumors abound about the gender preferences of actors and most of them are false.  There have always been extensive rumors of Tom Cruise being gay.  He has sued many times to defend against these accusations (which is somewhat suspicious).  John Travolta and Richard Gere have suffered simialr suspicions.  Can we say gerbil?  However, if any of these men are truly gay (which I doubt that they are), they have not lived lives to support the fact.  Each is married to beautiful women with whom they are purportedly very happy.

Ricky Martin has not done this.  Interviewed many years ago by Barbara Walters (see below), she asked him pointedly:  “Ricky, are you gay?” to which he stammered something like, “I don’t believe those personal questions need to be discussed in public.  Whether I am straight or gay, I will not answer those questions.”  He claimed his response was to stop the media from invading the personal lives of celebrites.  It will stop here and now, he was trying to say.  Ok, I thought, he’s probably gay.

Until this morning when I read the headline “Ricky Martin Fathers Twins.”  And for that one second, before I read the surrogate sentence, I thought Wow, Ricky Martin had sex with a woman.  Oooops, no he didn’t.

Watch the Barbara Walters Interview with Ricky Martin

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Richard CummingsHow Did Ricky Martin Have Twin Babies?

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