How Do I Turn Off My iPod Nano

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In this article, I ask and answer the question “How Do I Turn Off My iPod Nano?”

I recently purchased an iPod Nano Purple and I love this little device but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to turn the ‘dern thing off.

The iPod advertised something like 10 hours of battery life and this wasn’t true for me.  Well, kind of.  You see, I would keep the thing in my pocket and with all of my movements the iPod Nano would stay on when I wasn’t even listening to it.

First, I would slide the button on the top that prevents it from reacting to the touch of a button.  This helped because then, when the iPod Nano was in my pocket, at least the iPod Nano would not turn back on when one of my movements accidentally touched the button.

But, I wanted to know “How Do I Turn Off My iPod Nano?” so that it will simply turn off completely.

How To Turn Off Your iPod Nano: The Answer

I searched around and came up with the answer to how to turn of an iPod Nano and it is really quite simple.

To completely turn off your iPod Nano, simply hold down the play pause button. Then, slide the bar on the top to the right so that it will not accidentally turn back on again.

Now, after implementing these measures, I can actually use my iPod Purple Nano for the stated 10 hours of battery life and I need to only charge the thing about once a week.

More About the iPod Nano

On a sidenote for those who do not yet own an iPod Nano, this is the coolest thing since sliced bread. I like it a bit better than the iPod Touch because it is so small but I can still do everything I need with it: watch movies, view photos, and of course, listen to endless music.

With 8GB of storage, I also use the iPod shuffle as my on the go storage system. I have set aside 3GB to be used for data transfer when I need to bring a file from one place to another. You can make this setting in the iTunes interface. iTunes, of course, is free though many people still ask How Can I Get Free Itunes For My Ipod? Probably, these people mean to ask how can I get free songs for my iPod, but that is another story that we will address at a later date. Plus, getting songs illegally is a crime and you don’t want to be felon, do you?

Those of you just beginning with your new iPod may also ask the question how do you download songs onto an ipod?  The process is very easy as once you get iTunes all set up, you simply choose which playlists that you would like to see on your Nano.

Also, you will want to get a case for your iPod Nano.  I learned this the hard way as I have already scratched the face of this thing.  Since I keep it in my pocket, next to my keys, the face of my iPod now looks more worn that Mickey Rourke.  But that’s my bad and now I have a case so it will not get any worse.

Anyway, back to the question at hand.

How Do I Turn Off My iPod Nano? Summary

In case you missed it in all of my babbling, turning off your iPod Nano is easy.

Simply press and hold down the play/pause key. Then, move the button on top to the right so that nothing will inadvertantly reactivate the power. And boom, you’re good to go.

This will turn off your iPod Nano.

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Richard CummingsHow Do I Turn Off My iPod Nano

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