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How To Use Photoshop to Make Yourself Look Like a Model

I attended a wedding a few weeks ago but I forgot my camera.  My friend Sarah said that she would send me all of the photos from her camera after she “touched herself up.”

“Touch yourself up?” I asked. 

“Oh,” she responded, “I never upload pictures before I make myself look better.”

Sarah confided that she uses Adobe Photoshop to smooth her skin, get rid of her age marks, remove any evidence of weight gain and a bunch of other stuff before she uploads her photos to  What vanity, I secretly thought.  How do I that?

“How did you learn how to do all that?” I asked Sarah.  Sarah’s great at her sales job, but I have never known her to be a computer whiz.  That’s what I do and I have always thought Photoshop was kind of difficult to use. 

She said, “I bought these videos called How To Edit Your Digital Photos Like a Pro and it made all that hard stuff so easy.”

I checked out the program.  It’s pretty cool because you can get started immediately as all of these training videos are available for online viewing or download.  Also, there was a money-back guarantee so what did I have to lose. 

Sarah uses it to make herself look like a model (and it works!) but I was more interested in removing red-eye, enhancing landscape photos, removing unwanted objects and generally making my pictures look better. 

I have to say…Sarah was right.

These videos made the previously difficult Photoshop simple to use.  I highly recommend them.  Whether you want to make yourself look like a model, or simply make all of your photos look more professional, check out the How To Edit Your Digital Photos Like a Pro video series. 



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