Mickey Avalon-Do The Jane Fonda-MTV Video-And More

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Good Friday morning! 

I awoke this morning with a rhythm that I could not get out of my head.  So, whatever you may be doing right now, get out of your chair, and join me as we…

Do the Jane Fonda

Mickey Avalon – Jane Fonda
Video Codes at Roxwel

It’s a catchy tune…is it not?  But my boy Mickey Avalon is a tad bit creepy and looks like some peculiar hybrid of Howard Stern, Adam Ant, and Cher.  Check out more of images of Mickey Avalon…

Instead, if you want a funky, fun, couple version of the song.  Here you go…

A Fun White Hipster Couple Does the Jane Fonda


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It’s a catchy rhythm that forces you to want to move a little bit, just a little bit.  But, you do not need to try to sing it yourself, as we see in another version where…

Girls Do Their Own Jane Fonda…and Shouldn’t


Did you particpate in yesterday’s poll, who does it better?

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Richard CummingsMickey Avalon-Do The Jane Fonda-MTV Video-And More

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