Microsoft Sues Google For Unfair Practices?

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Once upon time, Microsoft was being sued by those who claimed that they (Microsoft) sought to unfairly monopolize the Internet market by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows.  Now, in an interesting turnabout, Microsoft leads a group called “FairSearch” who is suing Google, claiming that they are unfairly using Android to dominate the Internet. 

Microsoft Sues Google

When You Can’t Win, Sue?

Long ago, when Microsoft dominated just about everything, the chief complaint against them was that they used their desktop control power–the Windows Operating System–to force their other products upon people.  One of those products was Internet Explorer.

Fortunately, great technology prevailed and made a mockery of the courtroom.  While all those lawsuits were flying back and forth many years ago, others, namely Google, began to dominate the Internet that Microsoft was accused of “monopolizing”. 

Now, as they are losing the Internet battle, Microsoft is accusing Google of monopolistic practices–the exact practices Microsoft was defending in the courtroom years earlier.  They claim that Google is using their success with Android to force phone distributors to bundle other Google products, like Maps and the Google App store, with new phones and tablets.

The moral of the story seems to be that if you can’t win, sue!

The market, however, tells a different story.  The market says great technology wins.  Despite “bundling”, which Microsoft clearly did many years ago, they lost the battle of the Internet and are fighting tooth and nail to even be competitive right now. 

In the non-Apple world, Google massively dominates the landscape.  Will they get complacent…as Microsoft did?  Could competitors take over their core search business? 

Right now, it doesn’t seem possible, but things happen quickly. For example, what if Facebook implemented a comprehensive search feature?

Will the headline next year read:  Google sues Facebook over unfair practices!

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Richard CummingsMicrosoft Sues Google For Unfair Practices?

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