Mindflex: A Great Novelty Christmas Toy

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Mindflex Game:   Mindflex for Christmas
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Mindflex: A Christmas Gift for Kids

Mindflex is by far one of the most interesting Christmas Gifts for Kids that I have seen in awhile.  The toy promises a novelty unlike any other–the ability to levitate objects!

Christmas Gifts get more intriguing every year.  As many of you know, one of my favorite gifts for kids is the Live Butterfly Garden for Christmas.  This is a gift that allows your kids to see life happening before their eyes.

If the Butterfly Garden gives a glimpse of life, the Mindflex Game gives them a glimpse of  “science”.  Remember when you were younger and–perhaps after seeing a science fiction movie– you tried to move objects with your mind.  Well, this novelty can now be a reality.  The Mindflex Game gives you just this kinetic ability, the ability to move a foam ball with your mind.

You can find my professional review called Mindflex Game Reviewed:  Is It Real or Is It a Hoax to find out in more detail what my experiences with Mindflex were.

Suffice it to say, this game does allow you–somehow–to levitate balls and move them in the air with the headset.  There are some who contest how this is achieved, but for me, I’ll leave that to the scientists.

My kids enjoyed the novelty of this game and all of our house guests, including the grown-ups, now try this out when they visit.  It’s a great conversation piece and we have thoroughly enjoyed having it.

Mindflex Game by Mattel: Product Description

Mattel has been a creator of wondrous toys for generations.  With the Mindflex game, they venture in the scientific realm and give us a very unique product.  Here is how they describe their Mindflex Game.

A lightweight headset containing sensors for the forehead and earlobes measures your brainwave activity. When you focus your concentration, a small foam ball will rise on a gentle stream of air. Relax your thoughts and the ball will descend. By using a combination of physical and mental coordination, you must then guide the ball through a customizable…read more“.

Mindflex Game: Customer Reviews

Mindflex is relatively new to the toy market.  Not only is it a new toy, it is a new toy concept that has appeal for many people.  Here are what recent users of Mindflex have had to say:

On November 02, this reviewer said: “Best use: Dynamically! Put it on your friends while they read, do math, watch tv, or try something they’ve never done before. You’d be surprised what makes some people think and others just space out…Definitely worth the buy. Everyone I know had to try it at least once.” This person named their review Great toy for the technology age and they gave Mindflex Game a 5 star rating.

On November 02, this reviewer said: “We used this toy to better our abilities at controlling the enemy’s minds! We’ve become much better at this skill, and plan to soon hatch our plan to take over the world!  MUhahahahaha…

Oh, and it’s fun too.” This person named their review Jolivette Mind Control and they gave Mindflex Game a 4 star rating.

On October 25, this reviewer said: “Saw this on T.V. and figured this was going to be big for Christmas gifts. I now have mine and I can’t wait to give it to my grandson at Christmas.” This person named their review can’t wait till Xmas and they gave Mindflex Game a 5 star rating.

If you want to get Mindflex for Christmas, hurry up as it is a hot seller!

Buy the Mindflex Game now.

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Richard CummingsMindflex: A Great Novelty Christmas Toy

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