How Can I Get Free Itunes For My Ipod

At Well, Since You Asked, we provide answers to the questions that confound readers every day.  Today’s question is “How Can I Get Free Itunes For My Ipod?”  Folks, this is your lucky day.

Why is this my lucky day, you ask?  Well, it’s not hard to get free iTunes because iTunes doesn’t cost anything.

To get your free copy of  iTunes, visit this iTunes download site and you’re well on your way.

When you go to this site, simply click on the Download Now button and you will then be prompted to download and install iTunes.

iTunes: The Music Is Not Free

Since you were searching for “how can i get free itunes for my ipod“, I imagine that you may also want to get your music for free. Sorry, that is not the case. You have to pay for the music.


If you downloaded music without paying for it, this is a crime. However, it can be done and then you can play that music on your iTunes for free. You can also buy the music on iTunes but it can often be found cheaper on the Amazon MP3 page.

Check these sites to find out what songs are hot:

  1. top rap songs
  2. Best Songs Ever
  3. top songs
  4. top dance songs
  5. best Christmas Music…for the Holiday Season

MP3’s Are Cheaper

After you have answered your “how can i get free itunes for my ipod” question, and you go buy music, you will notice two things: (1) Music is cheaper in MP3 form and (2)You can buy just the songs that you want.

This is great because the reality is most albums contains some horrible songs. Thus, you may just want to buy a few songs from a particular album.

iTunes works really well your iPod. If you have the iPod Touch 16, the iPod Touch 32, or even the iPod Nano Purple, you can even watch movies and TV shows on your iPods. iTunes seamlessly enables all of this.

Still Want Free Music and Movies

If you are intent on not paying for your music, there are sites like Pirate Bay that enable you to download music and movies without paying. The government is constantly searching out sites like this to put them out of business because downloading is illegal. Thus, most of these sites operate overseas and out of reach of the U.S. government.

Will you be prosecuted if you download music and movies to your iTunes? Probably not. The government tried this but it didn’t work very well. Thus, they are going after the companies that provide these services rather than the people themselves.

Let your conscious be the guide. If you do not have one, then I can guess where you will get your music :)

I have traveled a lot and realized that there are many countries where illegal downloading is so common that the thought of buying music or movies is comical. In fact, you can walk into a cyber and simply say “can you give me songs?” and they often will.

Free iTunes: Summary

I have probably provided more information that you need. You simply wanted to know How Can I Get Free Itunes For My Ipod so I hope I answered this question for you and provided more useful reference that will guide you on your quest to fill up your iPod with great music and movies.

I answered this question…Well, Since You Asked :)

Richard CummingsHow Can I Get Free Itunes For My Ipod

How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body

Vicodin in your body

If you are using Vicodin, and want to know “How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body“, we will give you the answer about how long Vicodin stays in your body.

But, as we at Well, Since You Asked are ever curious, we wonder why so many people want to know how long Vicodin will stay in your body.

Our first pre-research thought is this:  Why would people want to know this about Vicodin?  It’s not like it’s pot or ecstasy or cocaine.  It’s not like someone will not get a job because they failed the “Vicodin” test.

Or is it?

Let’s see:  Ah-hah!

You see what crack research uncovers.  Apparently, people are concerned about this because people can fail a Vicodin drug test.

On Yahoo Answers, someone asks that very question:  “Can I fail a drug test if I have Vicodin in my system?”

And the answer my dear Vicodin addictive friends is “Yes“!  You can fail a drug test if you have Vicodin in your system and have no prescription for it.

Why Do People Take Vicodin?

Apparently, millions of people take Vicodin and they take to relieve their pain. For example, if someone has been in an accident and has a shoulder injury and are left with extreme pain, the Doctor may prescribe Vicodin.

Vicodin is like Tylenol on steroids. Just like Tylenol, Vicodin contains Acetaminophen but it also contains another stronger ingredient called Hydrocodone, which belongs to a group of drugs that are known as Narcotic Pain Killers.

There it is…that nasty word–Narcotics!

And what happens with narcotics? You become addicted and find yourself asking questions like, “How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body?””

Is Vicodin Addictive?

Apparently, it’s very addictive. After you have been prescribed Vicodin due to some type of severe pain, you may notice the calm, soothing effect of Vicodin and then you think, “Hey, I like this stuff!”

This is when the trouble may begin…so slow down cowboy or cowgirl. Vicodin has killed people and if you are asking how long Vicodin stays in your system, you may be headed down the wrong path.

Why Do People Ask How Long Vicodin Remains in the Body?

You see…here is what happens. The doctor prescribes Vicodin so that you can get over your immediate condition with less pain.

When said condition disappears or dissipates, you are suppose to stop taking Vicodin, but you didn’t. You liked it. You wanted to keep taking it and you pleaded with your doctor for more. However, at some point, he cut you off. Now, you are getting unprescribed Vicodin and you cannot pass a drug test because you have Vicodin in your system.

Is that how this is going down?

Ok, then. Here’s is what we’ll do. We’ll tell you how long the Vicodin will stay in your system so that you can keep your job. That way, you won’t be unemployed and become a thief just to support your immediate habit.

In return, promise us this. You will dedicate yourself to getting off Vicodin and returning to a normal life. Deal?

You know…you’re not alone. Some people are so addicted to Vicodin that they are taking over 100 pills per day. If they don’t get over it, they will die.

Don’t think your weak because you got addicted. These things happen. It’s in the past. Now, your future is about overcoming this addiction.

So, here’s the answer to your immediate question so that you can keep your job.

How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body

Vicodin stays in your system for 30 days. You can fail a drug test if you have taken Vicodin in the last 30 days unless you have a prescription, which you probably don’t.

We have now lived up to our part of the bargain by telling you how long Vicodin will stay in your system.

Now, you know the facts and you will have to delay your drug test and get off Vicodin permanently!

How To Overcome Vicodin Addiction

First of all, know this: You’re not alone. It’s cliche but it’s true. Vicodin addiction is rampant.

Know this too: You are going to have to suck it up. I know that’s some cold-blooded advice but it’s the best advice that you are going to get.

Life presents us with pleasure and pain. You had a pain. You took Vicodin…and had pleasure. Now, you’ve come for circle and are back to pain.

The withdrawl will be a bitch. It will be extremely painful, much more so than the initial pain. However, you got yourself into this mess, now you can get out. Getting over addiction is the hardest thing that you will do in your life. But it’s a necessity or you will die! Vicodin will physically destroy your liver and psychologically and emotionally destroy your life.

You have what it takes to cure yourself which is courage and company.
Check out this Vicodin addiction form for more information.

How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body: Summary

Well, we started this post by attempting to answer the simple question How Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body?

We learned that people ask this, in all likelihood because they are addicted to Vicodin, have no prescription, and will are probably facing a drug test which they will fail because Vicodin stays in your system for 30 days.

We also learned how painfully addictive Vicodin is, which is ironic in a way since it is designed to get you over pain.

Be that as it may, if you have a Vicodin addiction, you have got to get off it. No “ifs ands or buts” about it.

You will find all kinds of great advice about how to get over your Vicodin addiction and this advice will probably cost you money. Solving addiction is big business.

Getting over your addiction will be difficult but it is doable and won’t take that long. Embrace the pain as a way to get to your new life.

When I was quitting smoking, there were so many groups, pills, patches, and band-aids available, but in the end I came across some simple advice from the cartoon character like self-help guru Tony Robbins.

He said, “What would you do if you were stranded on an island and there were no cigarettes?”

Answer: “You wouldn’t smoke, you would have some bad days of widthdrawl, and then you would be over. Your life would continue free of addiction.”

Throw away your Vicodin pills and imagine that you are on that island.

You will then never again have to ask, “How Long Does Vicodin Remain in Your Body?”

Richard CummingsHow Long Does Vicodin Remain In Your Body

How Do You Download Songs Onto An iPod Nano

how do you download songs onto an iPod Nano

In this article, I will answer the question, “How Do You Download Songs Onto An iPod Nano?”.  I recently purchased an iPod Nano and realized that many people want to know how put music onto an iPod.

iPod Nano’s Are the Coolest

First, off congratulations! If you are on this page, you probably own an iPod Nano, by far the coolest and best MP3 player that exists today.Read More

Richard CummingsHow Do You Download Songs Onto An iPod Nano

Who Won the 2009 Superbowl?

My 2011 NFL Prediction
Creative Commons License photo credit: Matt McGee

In this post, we will look at who won the 2009 Superbowl because we have got Superbowl fever right now!

As of the writing of this post, the Superbowl is only a month away.  In fact, as we saw in the post When Is the SuperBowl This Year? this year’s Superbowl is one month from today exactly.

So, as you ask the questions, it is time to look back at who won the Superbowl in 2009?

We need to be careful when we ask this because the NFL takes place over the span of 2 years.  For instance, this year is the 2010 football season but the Superbowl actually takes place in the year 2011.

Last year, after I found out how to watch the Superbowl online, I remember what a great game it was as the New Orleans Saints took down the Indianapolis Colts by the score of 31-17.  Of course, this was the 2009 football season but the Superbowl took place in 2010.

As we look at who won the 2009 Superbowl, I remember what fond memories I had of that.  It was an amazing game that saw two quarterbacks, Kurt Warner and Ben  Roethlisberger, at the peak of their profession.  With little time left, Waner led the Phoenix Cardinals to the lead with a touchdown.  However, with even less time left Big Ben did the same thing and the Steelers won the Superbowl in 2009 by the score of 27-23.

It was a great Superbowl and I hope this year’s is equally incredible.

Richard CummingsWho Won the 2009 Superbowl?