Rubik’s Cube for Christmas

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rubiks 4X4Another great present to have under the tree is the Rubik’s 4X4.

This is one of those gifts that provide endless entertainment. Even if you solve it once, it is a challenge to do again.

People like to use their minds and the Rubik’s 4X4 will keep your mind endlessly entertained.

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with your friends.

Rubiks Solutions

People search the Interent endlessly for solution to the Rubiks 4X4, the Rubiks Revenge, and the Rubiks 5X5. I know the solution as I have solved them myself. I could provide for you here but you wouldn’t want me to do that. Would you?

Rubiks 4X4 Revenge

This cube is large. The Rubik’s Cube Revenge is bigger, better and more mind-boggling. Building on the classic 3 x 3″ cube, this larger model is 4 x 4″ and requires some fun new twists and turns. Includes: Instruction booklet and a triangular stand. Billions of puzzle combinations but only 1 solution!

Rubiks 4X4 or Rubix 4X4 Cube?

The Rubiks 4X4 is also often referred to as the Rubix Cube or the Rubix 4X4 cube.

Rubiks 4X4 Cube Information

The 4×4 mandates different moves to come to a solution than the original 3×3, and it’s more challenging!

Rubiks 5X5

The Rubiks 5X5 and Rubiks Revenge also go by the following names: Rubix 5X5, Rubix Revenge, Rubicks 5X5, and Rubicks Revenge. I misspell them all the time…but at least I solved all the Rubiks cubes!

Rubiks 4X4 Product Information

Yes, it’s possible. The Rubik’s 4X4 might drive you crazy. You may think you will be able to solve this puzzle quickly, but then you make a turn on the cube and it changes all over again. The constant changing Rubik’s 4X4 will keep you entertained for hours.

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Richard CummingsRubik’s Cube for Christmas

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