Santa Claus Halloween Costumes

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In this article, we will take a look at five great Santa Claus Halloween Costumes and other costumes for Halloween.

As you can probably tell at the Christmas Store Online, we get very excited for everything Christmas.  What better time than to start our Christmas excitement than Halloween with Christmas Halloween Costumes?

Here, we present Christmas Santa Claus Halloween costumes for everyone.  If you have little children who want to dress up as Santa Claus, or if you are a grownup who wants a Christmas Costume, we have one for you here. Check out a full selection of Halloween Christmas Costumes!

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the Christmas Costumes for both Halloween and the Christmas Season.

Christmas Costumes for Halloween and Christmas


#1 of the Christmas Halloween OutfitsDELUXE FLANNEL SANTA SUIT - ADULT STANDARD COSTUME:  One of the Christmas SantasThis deluxe Santa Suit has all that you need to become Santa for Halloween or the Christmas Holidays.

At just $40 right now, this is one of the best deals going on a Santa Suit. The last person who bought this said: “Great product! Includes all the essential pieces to turn anyone into a believable Santa Claus! ”

View Special Pricing on This Santa Outfit

Child’s Santa Claus Halloween Costume (2-4T)

#2 of the Halloween Christmas ItemsChild's Santa Claus Halloween Costume (2-4T):  One of the Santa Claus Halloween Costume for KidsWhen your little one wants to be Santa Claus, this is the perfect outfit!

AT just under $25, it will not break the bank and will put a smile on your child’s face. This is a great Halloween costume that can also be warn over the Christmas Holiday Season.

View Pricing on the Child Santa Suit

Santa Claus Beard

#3 of the Santa Clause BeardsNew Christmas Santa Claus Costume Beard With Wig Set:  One of the Christmas Halloween CostumesOn some occasions, you may just want the Santa Beard for Halloween. If so, this is the way to go.

For just $15, you can be off and running with your face looking just like Santa Claus. For a full head of white hair and a beard filled with glee, this beard just may be for you!

View Great Pricing on the Santa Claus Beard

Womens Christmas Halloween Costumes

#4 of the Ladies Halloween CostumesHoliday Honey Christmas Costume:  One of the Halloween Christmas Costumes for WomenWho says that men get to have all of the fun? Women love this Christmas Holiday outfit which looks great and brings the festivities to the party.

Ladies, if you do not have a fun outfit for Christmas, or are looking for a great combo Halloween/Christmas outfit, this is for you!

View Great Deals on This Ladies Christmas-Halloween Costume

Doggie Christmas Halloween Costumes

#5 of the Doggie Halloween CostumesDog Costume - Santa Paws (Pet Santa Claus Halloween or Christmas Costume) - Medium:  One of the Halloween Costumes for DogsYour dog is part of the family, right? Well, don’t leave him or her out of the celebration. In fact, dressing up your do in a Halloween or Christmas outfit can make the day even more festive.

At under $20, this doggie costume brings out the joyous spirit in everyone!

Views Deals on the Doggie Christmas Costume

Halloween Christmas Costumes: Summary

Halloween is a great time to begin the Christmas Season. As part of our annual tradition, we bring you five great Christmas Halloween Costumes.

Of course, our favorite is the Santa Claus Halloween Christmas Costume, but there are many more to liven up the spirit.

Every one in your family can get in on the fun with the many options available. Make it a Christmas-y Halloween this year.

Dress yourself up as Santa Claus for Halloween and have a great time. If our selections are not enough, be sure to check out all of the great Christmas-Halloween Costumes.

And have a very Happy Halloween!

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