Andi Dorfman - Josh Murray In Happier Times

Breaking Bachelor News: Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray – Splitsville!

That was then...

That was then…

As I was completing my review of The Bachelor girls from Season 19, I came across the news that Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray have split up.

Excuse me? You’ve got to be kidding! I just saw Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray Monday night talking about their engagement. They seemed all touchy feely. But, as listed in the 10 Possible Reasons they broke up, the Naughty Mommy speculates that this affection could have all been a ruse.

I’m actually not surprised that Andi and Josh broke up. I’m only surprised at the timing of it.

I know…everyone was all happy googly eyed when they seemed so happy at the end of her season of The Bachelorette. People loved Andi because she called out Juan Pablo on his all-around-lameness and everyone was rooting for her.
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Richard CummingsBreaking Bachelor News: Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray – Splitsville!

Best Online Dating Sites: Is Not The Only Game In Town!

Best Online Dating SitesWhen it comes to online dating, you need to know the best online dating sites so you can find the best dates. Makes sense, right? We bring you the best online dating sites and services!

Recent studies by Stanford University have illustrated a point that you may already know:

“When it comes to looking for love, online dating is the place to look…online dating is quickly displacing offline venues as the preferred medium for meeting people to date.”
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Richard CummingsBest Online Dating Sites: Is Not The Only Game In Town!

Jenna Marbles: How To Get Ready For a Date

This morning, I just came across the video Jenna Marbles, How To Get Ready for a Date.

After seeing her video, I realized that Jenna Marbles has had nearly 5 million hits on this video and many others. Why? Because she’s funny, raunchy, self-deprecating, and…pretty hot. Check out here video below How to Get Ready For a Date. If you like it, visit her YouTube channel to see more of her weekly ramblings.

Richard CummingsJenna Marbles: How To Get Ready For a Date

What Is The Best Match For Leo

In this article, we discuss what is the best match for Leo.  Leo’s have some strong characteristics and attracting a Leo is no small feet.  Find out what is the best match for a Leo right now.

Ah, if you landed on this page wondering “what is the best match for a Leo?”, you are in luck my friends because I am a LEO.

I say that with pride and apparently that is one of the characteristics of a Leo.

To know what is the best match for Leo, we have to get down to the actual characteristics of a Leo.  This is tough; it’s like a self evaluation, but I bring you things honestly my friends.

To know me, you need to know my situation.  I am single and am always dating beautiful women usually younger than me.  I have owned a lot of businesses and enjoy the work that I do.  Laughter is extremely important to me as are ideas about life.  I like to be moving, traveling, and experiencing all facets of life.  I like to feel comfortable, but I also like to be in motion.  When relationships get to close, I often feel stifled.  People sometimes might say I have commitment issues, which may be true.  When girls starts talking too much about marriage, I often want to run for the hills.

This is all just coming from the top of my head, folks.  So, I will look at the so-called traits of a Leo and see if I match.  There is a good chance of this because everyone tells me that I am a “typical Leo”.

Ok, so let’s take a look at some of the so-called traits about a Leo.  As I look at them, I think, “How can someone just stereotype me this way?” which is probably a very Leo response ;)

So, in continuing on with what is the best match for a Leo and attracting a Leo, I will take a look at this page and compare the reality with what is written.

Traitis of a Leo

We will first take a look at the strengths of a Leo and then the weaknesses.

The Strengths of a Leo

The following are listed as strengths of a Leo with my personal reaction (of me) after:

-Confident:  VERY TRUE.
Ambitious:  VERY TRUE, but not financially necessarily
Generous:  Generous in spirit and very caring but I often forget to give birthday gifts and the ages of my nieces and nephews.
Loyal:  Always loyal to the closest people in my life but this does not mean that I am always in agreement.  I usually tell people when I am in disagreement even it will test our loyalties.
Encouraging:  VERY TRUE.  I absolutely love to see others do well (unless they gloat about it) and see someone smile or achieve something that makes them feel good makes me feel great.

The (Purported) Weaknesses of a Leo

Here are the listed weaknesses–we have those?–of a Leo and my reaction:

-Pretentious: I don’t agree with this.  I actually despise pretension.  I think I can honestly say that nobody would call me pretentious.  Maybe I am more an “out of main stream” Leo in this regard.
Domineering:  If that means we know what we want to do and try to guide other that way, absolutely.
Melodramatic:  Probably so.  I am more the silent-aggressive type when my mood is not right so my melodrama comes with silence, but it probably exists.
Stubborn:  True.  I pursue what I like often without regard to outside influences.
Vain:  Why Not?

Attracting a Leo:  What I Say

You are getting a first hand account here without a filter folks.  The true Leo account.

So, how do you go about attracting a Leo?

I would break this down into two very important categories:  Attracting A Leo for the Short Term, and Attracting a Leo for the Long Term.

Again, this is a first hand Leo account of me.  It may or may not apply to all Leos.

You will read that Leos like to be flattered and this is true.  I am very susceptible to flattery.  Attracting a Leo for the first time is not that difficult especially because we see beauty and novelty in everything.  I love all parts of a women.  From her ankles to her legs, and on up, there is so much beauty in a woman.  I will let her know it too.  As she flatters me, I do likewise maybe even more.  It’s genuine, but the problem is that it wears off because new novelties abound around every corner.  There are other ankles and legs to explore.  Thus, attracting a Leo is easy, keeping him is not.

Why is hard to keep a Leo for the long haul?

Well, you have to keep up the novelty.  In the end, I want a beautiful, intelligent women–who doesn’t?-who keeps fresh ideas coming in all of the time.  I get bored with women who do not offer a new, intelligent perspective on things.  There are always beautiful women, but there is infrequently beautiful, savvy, witty, intelligent women who you want to be with for a lifetime.

Thus, it’s hard to keep a Leo man.  He loves his options and marriage removes options.

I am not saying that it is impossible to keep a Leo man but it is not easy.

For instance, if a women does not fit one of the categories that I like, she will probably not last.  And one of those categories is self-pity.  I will not suffer self-pity in a woman easily and, if it comes in any kind of abundance, the relationship is doomed.  If she lets herself go physically, I will not like it.  If she cannot entertain herself and requires too much of my time, it won’t work.  You get the idea?  Maybe she has to be a lot like me.

What Is The Best Match For Leo

With all that said, then, what is the best match for a Leo?  Is it another Leo?

Since I have dated a lot, without looking at any references, off the top of my head, I would say that Leos–me that is–are most compatible with Libras.

I have dated many Libra women and they seem to have that right combination of beauty and adoration that is combined with a femininity and independence that I require.

Let’s see what the experts have to say about what zodiac signs are compatible with Leo.

This page is very good in describing a Leo…it kind of matches what I was saying.  It mentions that a Leo-Leo relationship does not work very well because the strength of two Leos would not work too well.  Each one would want their own way and things might not end well. It also adds that Libras and Leo don’t go well in the long haul. So who does? What is the best match for Leo?

Ok, I have just come back from doing research on several pages of  what zodiac signs are compatible with Leo and, frankly, I found it a bunch of hog wash.  Talk of the general characteristics was not specific enough for me.

But in summary, as to the question of  “what is the best match for Leo?”, the general consensus appears to be the following sign:   Aries.

And if you want a great, fiery life, the Taurus goes well with the Leo.

What Is The Best Match For Leo:  Summary

Well, since you asked, I have tried to give an accurate depiction of what is the best match for Leo by providing my first hand account.

As I said, attracting a Leo in the short term is easy.  Leo’s love the novelty of it.

Attracting a Leo for life will be much more challenging.  Leo’s always want excitement, novelty, intelligence, beauty, and devotion.  However, they do like loyalty and are not adverse to marriage with the right person.

Staying together though is a challenge not unique just to Leo.  Everybody faces it.

Like the great writer Tom Robbins once said:

“The challenge of life is not to love, but to make love stay.”

Richard CummingsWhat Is The Best Match For Leo

Who Is Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend

Ah, so you’re interested in Who Is Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend? Why? Think she’s hot.  Do you wish it were you?

There is something about Chelsea Handler that makes her alluring.  She’s funny, repulsive, and sometimes she is very sexy.  She does have curves and a very nice upper half.  Plus, she jokes about sex and being drunk all the time which might make you think of well…doing her.

But you want to know who is Chelsea Handler’s boyfriend?

Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend: Ted Harbert

chelsea ted harbert together

Ah, so you’re interested in Who Is Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend? Why? Think she’s hot. Do you wish it were you?This is odd. Who would you put Chelsea with? Another comic? She could have a relationship like Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel. Wait…they broke up and possibly made a sex tape.

Yes, it would seem to me that she would be with someone of this sort.  But no!  Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend is a CEO.  Yes, she went rich!  Well, she does mention this on her E! show a lot.

Above is a picture of her boyfriend, Ted Harbert, the CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group.  Wait, do they own the E! network?  Is she sleeping her way to the top?  That would be just like her.

He must be important.  You can read all about him on Wikipedia!

Ah-hah…he did work at E!.  She was doing her boss!

And wait, he’s old.  Born in 1955, he is 20 years older than Chelsea.

But, I have to confess.  Chelsea Handler looks way older than 34 years old.  Perhaps she does lead the life that she claims, an unhealthy, overeater.  Or, it could just be her California bronzed skin that has not withstood time very well.

Be that as it may, I am glad that she is dating a rich guy because her show will probably be canceled.  Don’t get me wrong…I love Chelsea Lately but it will not have on Oprah-esque run.  After all, how many shows can you make about Kim Kardashin?  Well, a lot actually;  I would watch every one of them!

Chelsea Handler Photos

Since we are on the topic of Who Is Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend, let’s take a look at some pictures of Chelsea to see just what he is getting each night.

Chelsea Handler Photo #1: Hot Chelsea

In a game of hot or not, Chelsea Handler would win sometimes and also lose sometimes. She is one of those gals who can look outstanding one day and rather put through the ringer on another.

Here is a pic of Chelsea on a good day. She looks quite nice here on the lounge chair with a come hither look.

Chelsea Handler Did Playboy?

Chelsea Handler did do an issue of playboy. What, not possible? Yep, she sure did and proud of of it. In fact, I think she looks great. She was on the cover of the December 2009 issue. She says that she “quit drinking for a day and a half” to get in shape. Gotta love it!

You know why people dig Chelsea’s Handler’s look? Because she has a nice full figure, not waifish! View more pics of Chelsea Handler here.

Chelsea Handler: Fat & Ugly

The truth is we all have our good days and our bad days. What if someone took a picture of you on one of your bad days? How would you look? Well, here is how Chelsea Handler looks on one of her bad days.

chelsea handler fat ugly

Oddly, in this picture her boobs look small and her body looks big. Well, it happens.

Who Is Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend: Summary

Well, in the end, we have learned that Chelsea’s Handler is dating Ted Harbert, the CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group. He worked at E! before his CEO stint and perhaps they were getting their groove on there. She saw a man on his way to the top, so she took off her top for him and nabbed herself a rich older man.

Footnote: Update: Chelsea Handler and Ted Harbert Breakup

Well, just when you think a relationship may last, it ends. Chelsea Handler and Ted Harbert have broken up.

Footnote 2: Footnote 1 Was Temporary

Chelsea Handler and Ted Harbert have gotten back together. The couple have been seen around as she is promoting her Playboy spread.

Richard CummingsWho Is Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend

Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview — Full Video

Charlie Sheen’s 20/20 Interview is the most complete interview that he has given in this whole saga. Here is a copy of of the full video from the Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview courtesy of Hulu Online TV.

Full Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview

(Note: The video below may not be available after a certain date because Hulu only makes videos available for a certain amount of time, a big mistake by the way.)

Reaction to the Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview

I am not sure why I am so fascinated by this whole Charlie Sheen saga. However, given all the themes involved, my fascination is less of a mystery.

But my interest goes beyond the obvious and intriguing tales of debauchery.

I want to know if Charlie Sheen is a nut that is about to crack or a man finally speaking openly about a life that he has too long concealed–a man who has finally decided to live his way and proclaim without shame, “Yes, I have it all and it’s amazing!”Read More

Richard CummingsCharlie Sheen 20/20 Interview — Full Video

Jewish Girls Face Diminishing Dating Options: No Palestinian Men, No Non-Jew, and Now No Jewish Men?

After a plea from Rabbis not to date Palestinian men and to not date any non-Jews, Jewish girls wake up to the news that the former President of Israel, Moshe Katsav, has been convicted of rape.

I overheard a conversation in a kosher café in New York this morning between a Jewish girl named Adena and her father Abe.

Adena said to her father:  “Father, I woke to the news yesterday that the Rabbis say that I am not allowed to date any man of Palestinian descent.  In fact, they say that I should not date any non-Jew.  Look!”

The Father read this article as Adena pointed out the following lines from the Rabbis:  “For your sake, for the sake of future generations, and so you don’t undergo horrible suffering, we turn to you with a request, a plea, a prayer. Don’t date non-Jews, don’t work at places that non-Jews frequent, and don’t do national service with non-Jews.”Read More

Richard CummingsJewish Girls Face Diminishing Dating Options: No Palestinian Men, No Non-Jew, and Now No Jewish Men?