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For those that are visiting Montevideo, Uruguay, and seeking to learn Spanish, I thought I would introduce you to my Spanish teacher Alejandra (Ale).  Ale helped me with many of my Spanish web site projects while I was here (see Spanish Pronunciation: Spanish Readings of Paulo Coelho Essays as an example) and she was also my private Spanish tutor for 6 months.

Ale has her degree in teaching and currently works teaching little kids both Spanish and English.  And she also teaches Spanish to those of us, like me, who need some extra assistance.

Since she works during the week, her schedule is a little tight, but she is available to help you with Spanish during your visit.  Ale is available to teach both little kids and grown-ups, and also grown-ups who act like little kids, like me! 🙂

Ale has a perfect location to teach in Pocitos and can accept groups of people or provide one-on-one training. 

So, if you are looking to learn Spanish during your visit, send Ale an email and she will get back to you in a timely manner.

Ale can be reached at the email below.

And I would like to personally thank her for helping me with my Spanish projects during my stay in Uruguay.

Ale’s email contact information:

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Richard CummingsSpanish Instructor in Montevideo Uruguay

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  1. Paul Harmon


    Thanks for passing along this invaluable information. I am currently in the process of looking for someone to teach me Spanish fluently during this coming year.

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  5. Dave

    to Paul…good luck my friend..pero hablar espanol … will take more than a year…My reco…take your time…enjoy learning…get some bi lingual friends…you learn so much…the idioms…axioms…all the things they don’t teach you in the classes….Take the classes but open yourself to the culture and at every turn try to speak and even if you don’t do it well…like me…(the only time I’m any good is when I’m the people almost always appreciate it when you try…of course sometimes you get a smartass…your spanish is like my german and such..but keep trying and good luck.

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