Tiger Woods “Illegal” Drop at The Players Championship

After winning The Players Championship, people are discussing ad-nauseam whether Tiger made an illegal drop on the 14th hole after hooking his ball into the water.


Tiger Woods Drop on the 14th Hole

Tiger Woods can’t buy a break these days. Well, actually, he could probably buy anything given that he has already won 4 times on tour this year, the fastest in any year that he has achieved that many wins.

In fact, his win total might be 5 were it not for the first illegal drop that started “drop-gate” at The Masters. There, he readily accepted the penalty assessed and went about his business.

Now, all the talk is of Tiger Woods’ illegal drop on the 14th hole at The Players Championship. On YouTube, as you see below, a user named John Ziegler spends about 5 minutes on the issue:

And certainly, if you watched the coverage, Johnny Miller was not going to let this go without expressing his opinion that it seemed to be a very generous drop.

However, the coverage that we are all seeing, which makes it look like the ball traveled over water the entire time, is from the blimp and is not what anybody on the course saw.

And Tiger saw nothing. He had lowered his head in disgust, as all of us golfers do when we realize that we have just hit a duck hook. So, according to how the rules work, Tiger must consult with his playing partner(s) to determine the proper place to drop the ball. His playing partner that day was Casey Wittenberg and here is what he had to say: “I saw it perfectly off the tee. I told him exactly where I thought it crossed, and we all agreed.”

So, Tiger dropped where Casey pointed out that the ball had crossed the hazard. That’s the rule and Tiger did the right thing…as he did at The Masters.


Richard CummingsTiger Woods “Illegal” Drop at The Players Championship

Gay Men In Sports: The Real Issue That Is Not Addressed – The Locker Room

Yesterday, NBA center Jason Collins announced that he is gay. He is the first active NBA player to come out as gay. And there is one real issue that nobody addresses with gay men in sports: the locker room.

gay men sports lockeroom

Political correctness informs what so many people are willing–or unwillingly–to say regarding gay men in sports but we cannot hide from this one issue that needs to be addressed.

I applaud Jason Collins for coming out and hope that his actions prevent others from hiding their identities throughout their athletic careers. And, I detest any athlete who refuses to accept a gay athlete as his teammate.

However, I completely understand a straight athletes reluctance to embrace a gay man in normal circumstance locker room activity.

Of course, that statement will be immediately rejected by many who will say “that’s absurd”, “you’re close-minded”, “you’re an idiot”. I would submit that you shout those accusations to a mirror and lip-read.

I know most heterosexual men agree with me whether they admit it or not. And, to the women (who are different sexual beings than men), you only need ask yourself one question: Would you object to straight man showering next to you after all of your athletic events? Think about that…honestly and objectively.

If your answer is “no”, then you’ve got me.

However, I think that most women would say, “Yes, of course I would object to a straight man showering with me.”

In that case, this situation is no different. Gay men are attracted to men and have the same inclinations toward men that straight men have towards women.

So, while I whole-heartedly embrace any gay man in any sport, I completely understand a heterosexual’s reluctance to accept gay men in the locker room. And, let’s be clear, that really means “the showers”.

I welcome you to share your opinions in the comments below!

Richard CummingsGay Men In Sports: The Real Issue That Is Not Addressed – The Locker Room
Lance Armstrong Oprah Winfrey Interview

Watch Lance Armstrong Oprah Interview

The much-awaited interview of Lance Armstrong by Oprah Winfrey occurred last night. It is now available and you can watch the Lance Armstrong interview below.

In the interview, Lance basically admits to everything. I have watched the first segment and was a bit surprised at how candid Lance Armstrong was because, in the buildup to the interview, Oprah insinuates that Lance Armstrong holds back a little.

The video below is part 1 of the interview which is the first 15 minutes. When you are complete, just choose part 2 to continue.

The Lance Armstrong Oprah Winfrey Interview

Richard CummingsWatch Lance Armstrong Oprah Interview
NFL Playoff Scenarios

NFL Playoff Scenarios Entering the Last Week…

In this article, we’ll take a look at the NFL Playoff Scenarios entering the final week of the season.

NFL Playoff Scenarios

Niners and Seahawks are Both in the NFL Playoffs!

We know that that the AFC teams are all set. So, with them, it’s just a matter of who gets what spot.

However, this upcoming final week of the NFL season will be an interesting one for the NFC. With 6 spots available, only 4 teams have clinched a playoff spot: The Falcons, 49ers, Seahawks, and Packers. Of those teams, the Falcons are guaranteed a bye and home field throughout. San Francisco basically blew their shot at the 2nd seed as they got dropped by the Seahawks last night.

In summary, we have 5 teams vying for 2 spots: The Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, Vikings, and Bears.

So, let’s take a look at how each one gets into the playoffs.

How Do the Chicago Bears Make the Playoffs?

To get in the NFL Playoffs, the Bears must win and the Vikings must lose.

How Do the Dallas Cowboys Make the Playoffs?

With a Dallas win against the Redskins, they make the playoffs by capturing the NFC East.

How Do the Minnesota Vikings Make the Playoffs?

Minnesota gets in with a win OR if the all of the following teams lose: Chicago, Dallas, Giants.

How Do the New York Giants Make the Playoffs?

Of all of these teams, the Giants need the largest miracle. For the Giants to make the playoffs, the New York Giants win and all of the following teams must lose: Dallas, Minnesota, and Chicago.

With all of the “Giant” talk that they would be ready “on command”, they clearly were not.

How Do the Washington Redskins Make the Playoffs?

The Redskins will clinch the NFC East with a win.

They will also make the playoffs if both Minnesota and Chicago lose.

NFL Playoff Scenario Summary

It’s going to be an exciting final week of the season.  Though most games don’t matter, the ones that do will elevate week 17 in the NFL as NFL playoffs spots are determined.

Best Game of the Week:  Cowboys vs Redskins!

Richard CummingsNFL Playoff Scenarios Entering the Last Week…
Juan Manuel Marquez Knocks Out Manny Pacquiao

Marquez Knocks Out Pacquiao: Video

Juan Manual Marquez knocks out Manny Pacquiao with 1 second remaining in the 6th round to “officially” win for the first time in 4 tries. It was an amazing fight all the way through and one that every boxing fan, and sporting fan, should see. Watch the knockout below:

Marquez Knocks Out Pacquiao Cold: Video

Richard CummingsMarquez Knocks Out Pacquiao: Video
Andy Murray Wins U.S. Open

Andy Murray Wins First Major!

Andy Murray Wins U.S. Open

Andy Murray Wins His First Major!

In blustery conditions Andy Murray won the U.S. Open last night against Nova Djokovic to earn his first grand slam and reward a nation that has waited over 75 years for a men’s tennis title.

Is someone once said “winning isn’t easy”, they  unknowingly were describing Andy’s Murray’s quest to win his first major.  Andy Murray is an amazing tennis player in an era of men’s tennis greatness.  He hit his prime when there were not one–but three–Tiger Woodsish tennis players.

After a bit of bemoaning this fact throughout his career (you could see it, couldn’t you?), he clearly decided that’s not who I want to be.  Fate dealt Andy Murray a very good hand of cards but the other people all had an ace in the hole to beat him when it mattered.  He got tougher.  He sharpened his mental and physical game and it was a pleasure to watch yesterday.

After being up two sets to none, he then lost sets 3 and 4.  This is when the old Andy Murray might have said, “It’s just not destined for me to win these things,” as we have heard Sergio Garcia suggest on the golf course.  Not this time!

Andy Murray stepped up in the 5th set and won it handily, refuting his history, and the history of British tennis in the process. 

No, winning isn’t easy. 

In the past, when Andy Murray went to that final reserve tank in the majors, he found no fuel.  But preparation, on the mental and physical side of his game, paid off.  When he went to the tank in the 5th set, he found that the last year of hard work had provided a full tank when he needed it.

I loved watching this match.

Andy Murray made a tough decision.  When it seemed that all of the forces of the tennis universe were conspiring against him, he made a decision:  I will change my destiny. 

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t meant to be. 

But Andy Murray proved yesterday that, through hard work and a strong will, anything is possible!

Guest AuthorAndy Murray Wins First Major!
Kim Clijsters Out of U.S. Open

Kim Clijsters Out Of The U.S. Open…And Tennis

Kim Clijsters Out of U.S. Open

Kim Clijsters Retires From Tennis After Losing at U.S. Open

Kim Clijsters career ended last night at the U.S. Open, as she was defeated in a tough battle, losing two closely fought sets in tiebreakers.

It is perhaps appropriate that Kim Clijsters retires at the U.S. Open, which has been the scene of her greatest tennis achievements.

Many thought that her swan song may have her battling an emboldened Serena Williams but this was not to be on Arthur Ashe Stadium yesterday.

Many of us remember her young days in tennis, as she was dating Australian Leyton Hewitt, and her subsequent leave of tennis to begin a family. Then, she surprised us all with a quick comeback and another title at the U.S. Open.

Kim was a great gift to women’s tennis and will be missed for her ability and fierce competitive attitude on the courts.

Be well Kim, we will miss you!

Read more of Kim Clijsters farewell at the New York Times.

Richard CummingsKim Clijsters Out Of The U.S. Open…And Tennis