Listening To Google Makes AdSense!

There are many people who did not listen to Google when Google said, “Quality content always wins”.  They thought they could game the system and beat Google by creating cheap made for AdSense sites that succeeded through SEO, not quality content.  Well, guess who won?  Listening to Google always makes AdSense.

Are You In AdSense For The Long Haul?

I talked to some people a ways back who were trying to game the Google AdSense system.  They were making pretty good money by creating shallow content sites chalk full of AdSense ads.  These are often referred to as Made For AdSense, or MFA, sites.

While I was trying to create content that would last over time, these people were making a lot of money but adding no value.  I was following Google’s advice:  Make quality sites, create quality content, and people will come…just like in the old movie Field of Dreams.

These people had a smug look about them.  Who would you bother with creating quality content? These people all make their money with scraper sites–sites that automatically steal content and automatically post to their MFA sites.

Well, their smug look is gone.

With Google’s recent algorithm updates, sites that were MFA with shallow content got slammed.  The smug looks have all but disappeared as those who tried to game the system are now searching for other jobs.

Sure, there are still some sites that sit atop the Google rankings with shallow content.  But, Google will out them eventually.  They have eyes on the results and these eyes are not just bots…they are real people in some cases.

So, you simply need to ask yourself one question:  Are you trying to make money online with AdSense as a career?

If the answer to that question is “yes”, listening to Google not only makes sense, it makes AdSense!

Richard CummingsListening To Google Makes AdSense!