How to Sell on a Free Teleseminar

Teleseminars are a great way to sell your product or service or to even offer a limited number of free Strategy Sessions. They key is to know when on the teleseminar call to make the offer.

When to Present Your Offer

What you want to do when you’re trying to sell on free calls is to make your offer somewhere in the middle of the call.  When many people first start out doing teleseminars, they give a whole call of information and content and then they save the offer until the very end. The problem with this strategy is that listeners are thinking, “Oh, okay the good stuff is over; I’m out of here,” and they simply just hang up the phone.

Statistics have shown that over half of the participants can disappear during the last 5 to 7 minutes of the call. So, you want to make your offer in the middle.

Make Sure Callers Stay on the Call

One way to make sure that callers stay on the call is to offer a free gift at the end of the call. You need to make sure the listeners know that they need to be paying attention to every single word that you say, because they don’t really know exactly when/what is going to happen moving forward and exactly when they are going to receive that piece of information that they are waiting for.

For example, tell them at the beginning of the call that you’ve got the freebie to give away, you’ve got the report, you’ve got the articles, you’ve got the video, you’ve got whatever you want to use as a free gift.  And then, when people not on the live call hear that recording of your teleseminar, you want to leave in all of the references to the freebie, but not the free gift information itself, because you want to train people who listen to the calls and replays that they want to get on the future calls live, so that they don’t miss out on future freebies.

Add Value to Your Free Teleseminar

One of the easiest things you can do to get a quick value added item is to ask for questions from everybody who attended the call live.  All you have to do is say, during the call is, “Hey, we covered this, this, this and this, but you still may have questions about this topic. So, go ahead and anybody who sends a question in, in the next 10 minutes, or in the next two hours, once the call is done, I will go ahead and answer your question to the best of our ability, and you’ll get your answer for free.”

It’s like free coaching or consulting, which they will love. So then you only send their answer to their particular question to them. Then record all the answers to all the questions and you add that together with the original recording, and all of a sudden you’ve created a much more valuable product that covers all the questions that you didn’t cover in the free call.

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Guest AuthorHow to Sell on a Free Teleseminar