Californication Season II Premiere: The Return of Hank Moody

californication season ii premiere reviewAll television shows make you some sort of promise.  With the first season of Californication, Showtime promised us a show about a struggling writer who beds many women and generally leads an intemperate life all in an effort to escape his true heart, which is with Karen, the mother of his daughter.

As I wrote in Californication: Showtime’s Raison d’etre, this was one hell of a first season, and the only reason that you need to get a subscription to Showtime.Read More

Richard CummingsCalifornication Season II Premiere: The Return of Hank Moody

Californication: Showtime’s Raison d’etre

david duchovny on californication If you think HBO is the sole proprietor for outstanding, unique, irreverent, edgy material, you haven’t tuned into Californication on Showtime.

David Duchovny plays Hank Moody, a once-inspired writer who currently can’t find his voice.  His life, in shambles after the separation from the mother of his only child who he is still madly in love with, is an enjoyably tragic ride of too much and too many:  too many women and too much booze. Read More

Richard CummingsCalifornication: Showtime’s Raison d’etre