Looking Up

look upI walked through the city the other day on streets I have walked thousands of times.  I have never stepped in a pothole or unintentionally bumped into anybody.  But, I realized, I had seen so little because I had failed to look up.

Look up.

It’s something that you infrequently do; nobody does.

We all have to look straight ahead.  This is a given.  Imagine if you did not look straight ahead when you were performing life’s most basic tasks…like driving.  TV, something all of us do all the time, would certainly be less enjoyable if we did not look straight ahead-it would be like radio!

Remember the days when radio ruled?  You probably do not because you were not alive.  Those people who would remember the radio days are not reading this because they are not currently on the Internet…they are listening to the radio.

There is a chance that you would not be reading this either were it not for the radio.  That’s right!Read More

Richard CummingsLooking Up

Michel de Montaigne: A Review of The Essays

The Timeless Ideas of Michel de Montaigne

In a university philosophy class , I was exposed to the essays of Michel de Montainge.  He wrote these essays some 400 years ago.  Their timeless nature amazes me.  For many situations in today’s world, there is a quote from these works that is applicable:Read More

Richard CummingsMichel de Montaigne: A Review of The Essays

Contacting Paulo Coelho, Part III, The Email

(Read Contacting Paulo Coelho… to learn the background of this email)

Dear Paulo Coelho,

In The Alchemist, you mention that “…when someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”Read More

Richard CummingsContacting Paulo Coelho, Part III, The Email

Contacting Paulo Coelho, Part II

(click here to read part I of the story)

David knew what that normal life entailed.  He had lived it the past 5 years.  At 28, he thought, if I go back now, that will be it.  I will probably never return.  And he was probably right.

A traveler who returns home from his journeys always wants to travel again.  Perhaps he need not travel to the same physical place, but he will want to travel to recapture the feeling, the spirit, the adventure of meeting new people and having new experiences each day.  He wants to, but he probably won’t.Read More

Richard CummingsContacting Paulo Coelho, Part II

No Country for Old Men: Movie Review

Review of the the movie No Country For Old Men

Last week, I saw No Country For Old Men and I was left with this feeling: huh? This movie won the Oscar for best picture?

Read More

Richard CummingsNo Country for Old Men: Movie Review