Bored On The Internet

What Can I Do On The Internet When I’m Bored

Bored On The Internet

Are you bored or SO bored?

I just found out today that hundreds of people everyday go to google and type in the term “I’m bored“.  I found this out because I was bored and I was wondering what can I do on the internet when I’m bored.  It turns out a lot of people are looking for fun things to do at work when bored and top things to do when bored.

It’s good that bored people have a lot of company; at least they’re not bored and lonely.

But the bored people have it good.  A subset of the “I’m bored” sect trump their counterparts by saying “I’m so bored.”  Read More

Richard CummingsWhat Can I Do On The Internet When I’m Bored
Michael Lewis on Princeton Speech

Luck and Success: Michael Lewis Princeton Speech

Michael Lewis Princeton Speech

Michael Lewis Princeton Speech, 2012

Michael Lewis, author of the acclaimed books “Liar’s Poker” and “Moneyball”, delivered the baccalaureate speech at Princeton on June 3rd and put forth some interesting theories regarding the role of luck in successful people.

These words have caused quite a stir, most notably among successful people who refuse to acknowledge that luck played quite a role in their successes.

Here are some excerpts from the speech, with the full video provided below.

Quotes from Michael Lewis Princeton Speech

People really don’t like to hear success explained away as luck — especially successful people. As they age, and succeed, people feel their success was somehow inevitable. They don’t want to acknowledge the role played by accident in their lives. There is a reason for this: the world does not want to acknowledge it either…don’t be deceived by life’s outcomes. Life’s outcomes, while not entirely random, have a huge amount of luck baked into them. Above all, recognize that if you have had success, you have also had luck — and with luck comes obligation. You owe a debt, and not just to your Gods. You owe a debt to the unlucky.

Hindsight is not always 20/20. Successful people often misinterpret their successes as they look backward, re-engineering their past to put a deliberate spin on their choices, choices that ultimately led to the success they now enjoy.

In fact, I have heard several of these re-interpreters hark back to this line of poetry by Robert Frost:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

This line confers the deliberateness of the choices one made to lead to success. Two paths were available and the choice was made, deliberately, to choose the path that led to great successes.

The irony of successful people using this line to reflect their perfect choices is that the poem, taking in it’s entirety, suggests just the opposite and supports the Michael Lewis contention: randomness and luck are as much contributors to success as lots of work and deliberate choices.

What really happened in the poem? There was a guy standing in the woods and he saw two available paths with no distinguishable differences. He basically flipped a coin to determine his path, which fortunately was the path that led to the gold (read the full poem). It is only later in life, when looking back, he recreates his story to make the choices on that fateful day seem deliberate. “I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.“.

The reality couldn’t have been further from the truth.

We live in a world now, certainly in America, where there is a great disparity between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. And many of the haves, not all mind you, suggest that the have-nots could have been one of them had they just worked a little harder. This thinking eases their guilt about all of their having . And, obviously, the more you have the less you share.

I was recently taking a walk in San Francisco in the Nob Hill neighborhood, one of the wealthiest districts in America. As is common in San Francisco, this wealthy neighborhood shares a close proximity to some very downtrodden areas.

I walked past a group of luxury penthouses on the top of Nob Hill and noticed that one of them was for sale. The asking price: $25 million dollars.

Outside of this group of penthouses, on the side of the building so as not to be noticed, was a homeless veteran. People exiting this building took no notice of him.

In his speech, I believe Michael Princeton is simply saying: Take Notice!

Michael Lewis: Princeton Commencement Speech Video

Richard CummingsLuck and Success: Michael Lewis Princeton Speech
The Newsroom Review

HBO’s The Newsroom: Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?

The Newsroom Review

Can You Say Why America Is the Greatest Country In the World?

HBO’s new series The Newsroom is must-see TV for anybody who cares about the fate of America.

The American dialog has devolved into corporate sponsored puppetry.  The news that you see on television, all sponsored in one form or another by corporate America, rarely ask the tough questions.

Now, in a scintillating news series by HBO–The Newsroom–we get to go behind the scenes of a cable news organization struggling to present the real news.

The lead protagonist is cable news anchor named Will McAvoy, portrayed by Jeff Daniels. For years, Will McAvoy has been the beloved anchor, presenting the news just as the corporate sponsors would have it. His lovable persona, befitting more a late night talk show host, has been purchased by the corporations, but a passion lurks within that soon bluntly surfaces.

In the first episode of the series, as he sits in some televised roundtable with predictable political dribble, Will reaches his boiling point as a soroityish , sophomore college student from the audience asks: “Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?”

Will attempts to give his typically, light-hearted non-threatening response, but the moderator won’t let him off the hook. At this point, Will envisions someone in the audience, who we later find out is his former girlfriend/newsroom producer, holding up a sign that says “It’s not…but it can be”. He then boils over.

Watch The Newsroom Episode 1

Do you want to see Will’s response? HBO has made available episode one of The Newsroom, which I have linked below. Watch the first 10 minutes to see Will’s response and find out whay America may not be the greatest country in the world…but could be again:

Watch Epidsode 1 of The Newsroom

Richard CummingsHBO’s The Newsroom: Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?
DNSChanger Malware

Computer Virus Strikes Monday | More Than 300,000 Infected | Are You One of Them?

A computer malware virus strikes Monday that will affect more than 300,000 computers worldwide, and 70,000 in the United States, on Monday, July 9th. Are you one of them?

DNS Changer Virus

The DNSChanger Virus Strikes Monday

The severity of this virus may be overblown as the Internet authorities have already caught the conspirators, a group of cyber criminals from Estonia.  The virus that they created and silently installed on many systems who would redirect Internet searches to advertisement sites.  They cyber criminals were handsomely compensated for this redirection…to the tune of about $14 million dollars.

How Will the Computer Virus Affect Systems on Monday?

Since the FBI caught the offenders last November, they replaced the malicious servers that infected your machine with temporary servers that would allowed you to function.

As of Monday, they will be taking those servers down and over 300,000 users of computers may find it impossible to go on the Internet.

So, what can you do?

Well, the FBI has created a Step-by-Step plan that you can read here about getting rid of this malicious piece of malware, known as DNSChanger.

But there is an easier way to tell if you are infected.  Simply visit this site and it will tell you whether you are ok or not in simple green and red colors.


Richard CummingsComputer Virus Strikes Monday | More Than 300,000 Infected | Are You One of Them?
New Obama Campaign Ad: Romney The Outsourcer

New Obama Ad: “Romney The Outsourcer”

New Obama Campaign Ad:  Romney The Outsourcer

Mitt Romney Will Outsource US Jobs?

In a new ad put out by the Obama campaign, Mitt Romney is accused of being an “Outsourcer” as his private equity firm, Bain Capital, shipped many jobs overseas.

You can view the full ad below but the premise deserves a consideration.

If you intend to vote for Mitt Romney, which you shouldn’t (yes, we’re allowed opinions at this site and so are you), you must consider his mindset and the type of business he runs, a private equity firm.

Private equity firms are not inherently evil. The idea, essentially, is that you can buy a company, turn-it-around, and make it better.

However, in many situations, Bain capital either bought a company and bankrupted it (making millions by paying their consulting fees and then declaring bankruptcy) or they shipped many of the jobs overseas.

Is this who you want to run your country?

New Obama Ad: Mitt the Outsourcer

Richard CummingsNew Obama Ad: “Romney The Outsourcer”
Condoleezza Rice for Vice President

Condoleezza Rice Would Reject VP Job

Condoleezza Rice for Vice President

Condoleezza Rice Would Not Accept Vice President Position

In an interview with CBS this morning, Condoleezza Rice said that there is no way that she would accept the job of VP if Mitt Romney offered it to her.

“There is no way that I will do this,” were her exact words that the Romney campaign certainly did not want to hear.

Of course, the choice of a VP is all about politics rather than political affinity. Must the VP candidate share the views of the president elect? Absolutely not. It’s all about shoring up votes.

And, one senses that a nod to Condoleezza Rice would be to garner support for women and blacks, two groups Romney hopes to sway in this campaign.

But, Rice made it abundantly clear that she would decline.

See the full video below.

Condoleezza Rice: Interview on CBS This Morning

This video will be available shortly.

Read more about Condoleezza Rice

Richard CummingsCondoleezza Rice Would Reject VP Job
Who Will Win The U.S. Open?

Who Will Win The U.S. Open Today?

Who Will Win The U.S. Open?

Grahm McDowell, Jim Furyk...?

Who will win the U.S. Open today?

Yesterday, before tee-off time, many pundits were already coronating Tiger Woods as the U.S. Open champion of 2012. Then, the unthinkable happened. Tiger faltered.

This leaves the field wide open. There are 17 people within 5 shots of the lead. If one of these early players can post a great score, you have to like their chances. You also have to think that if either Jim Furyk or Graham McDowell, both past U.S. Open champions, can post a score at even par or better, they will win.

If this does not happen, the tournament is clearly up for grabs. There are only 3 people at a score better than +2. If any of them falter, I would say anybody at +7 can shoot a great round and win.

Of course, it will probably be Jim Furyk or Graham McDowell. But, we won’t know until tonight…and that’s what makes sport the most interesting attraction on the planet!

Richard CummingsWho Will Win The U.S. Open Today?