Who Will Win The U.S. Open?

Who Will Win The U.S. Open Today?

Who Will Win The U.S. Open?

Grahm McDowell, Jim Furyk...?

Who will win the U.S. Open today?

Yesterday, before tee-off time, many pundits were already coronating Tiger Woods as the U.S. Open champion of 2012. Then, the unthinkable happened. Tiger faltered.

This leaves the field wide open. There are 17 people within 5 shots of the lead. If one of these early players can post a great score, you have to like their chances. You also have to think that if either Jim Furyk or Graham McDowell, both past U.S. Open champions, can post a score at even par or better, they will win.

If this does not happen, the tournament is clearly up for grabs. There are only 3 people at a score better than +2. If any of them falter, I would say anybody at +7 can shoot a great round and win.

Of course, it will probably be Jim Furyk or Graham McDowell. But, we won’t know until tonight…and that’s what makes sport the most interesting attraction on the planet!

Richard CummingsWho Will Win The U.S. Open Today?
Tiger Woods Leads The U.S. Open

Tiger Woods Leads The U.S. Open As He Begins Saturday’s Round

Tiger Woods U.S. Open Saturday

Tiger Woods Leads U.S. Open

Tiger Woods tees off with the co-lead at the U.S. Open today, Saturday June 16th.

By nearly everyone’s account, nobody has a chance if Tiger plays well. However, yesterday we witnessed Tiger have 3 bogeys in a row so this U.S. Open should not be written off as Tiger’s just yet.

Tiger is paired with another U.S. Open champ in Jim Furyk who also finds himself at one under par. Also at one under par, we find long-ago PGA champ David Toms, who just might have the game to do it at Olympic Club as well.

To catch all of action, watch the U.S. Open on NBC today beginning at 4pm Eastern time until 10pm this evening. Also, while you are watching, be sure to have your laptop or iPad handy and get a look at all of the holes and real time scores at the official U.S. Open site.

Enjoy the show folks…it will be a great one!

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Leads The U.S. Open As He Begins Saturday’s Round

Ryder Cup 2010 Preview at the Twenty Ten Course | Will the Americans Maintain the Cup?

Do you want to know who will win the Ryder Cup that starts tomorrow? In this article, I will preview the Ryder Cup 2010.  Will the Americans take down the mighty Europeans?  Stay tuned…I’ll let you know.

First off, let’s take a look at the venue for the Ryder Cup 2010.  The host course is named the The Twenty Ten Course.  Now, since this Ryder Cup takes place on European soil, you may assume that the course, like many a British Open course, is an old English course with not much yardage behind it.  However, this is not the case.

The Twenty Ten Course is found on the grounds of The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales.  As you may infer from the name, it was designed specifically to be the host of the 2010 Ryder Cup.  The course measures a robust 7493 yards and plays to a par 71.  When you watch the Ryder Cup Online, you will see all the challenging holes and it is certainly a Robert Trent Jones Junior design that you will enjoy.Read More

Richard CummingsRyder Cup 2010 Preview at the Twenty Ten Course | Will the Americans Maintain the Cup?

Elin Nordegren: People Magazine Interview (19 Hours): What I Wish She Would Have Talked About

Elin Nordegren People Magazine InterviewIf you can’t get enough of the Tiger Woods affair, read Elin Nordegren’s 19 hour interview with People Magazine online or pick up this issue of People which hits the newsstands Friday (order People here).

Frankly, I am surprised that she gave an interview.  I thought her purported $100 million settlement would preclude her from any types of interviews since Elin had signed a pre-nup that merited less than $20 million.  However, since the initial divorce settlement talk was in the neighborhood of  $700 million, I guess she figured I’m Talkin‘.

It appears that she does not dish on Tiger too much, which is why I would want to read the interview.  I want to know what happened that night he crashed the car.  As I speculated in the initial Tiger Woods Infidelity article, I think she saw a text and absolutely went ballistic, chased him out of the house, and bashed in a car window.  You go girl!

I also think she wanted to work it out thereafter.

You see, the first reported female was Rachel Uchitel.  Aside from having a weird last name, she was pretty hot and Elin probably did what most women do and ask the question:  Am I hotter than she is?  And the answer?  Elin probably concluded that it was too close too tell.

Then, another women comes into the picture, Jamie Grubbs. This is good for Elin because it trivializes the relationship with Tiger and Rachel Uchitel and lets Elin know she just has a semi-horn-dog husband who cheats, but that she is still number one.

Thus, she agrees to Tiger seeking sexual healing in the form of a legitimate doctor and thinks she may still give him a chance.  While Tiger is in therapy, mistresses number 3,4,5,6, and 7 (Kalika Moquin, Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Cori Rist, Holly Sampson respectively) surface. (See a slideshow Tiger’s Mistresses here.)Read More

Richard CummingsElin Nordegren: People Magazine Interview (19 Hours): What I Wish She Would Have Talked About

Tiger Woods Gay, Bi-Sexual

tiger woods gay bisexualYesterday, reports surfaced that golfer Tiger Woods is gay or that Tiger Woods is bi-sexual.

According to the website RadarOnline, one of Tiger Woods Mistresses, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, is going to write a tell all book in which she will claim that the golfer liked to engage group acts in which men were involved, thus leading to this claim that Tiger Woods is gay or bisexual.

The article claims the following:

RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that Loredana has claimed she saw Tiger having sexual relationships with other men. That shocking twist is something no other mistress has claimed and there has been no proof.

Is any of this true? Are these just online tabloids trying to make a buck? Do you care?

Frankly, the story was riveting at first because we were all led to believe that Tiger Woods was an outstanding family man and father. He made us believe that he was not only perfect on the golf course but that he was perfect in his personal life. His personal story was a farce and thus the intrigue with the whole affair.

Now, this new claim. Does it surprise anyone? All of Tiger Woods´ Mistresses claim that he had a voracious appetite for them. Thus, the fact that he indulges these new whims should not really come as a surprise.Read More

Richard CummingsTiger Woods Gay, Bi-Sexual

Tigers Woods Human After All: Golf, Infidelity, and Voicemails?

The story of Tiger Woods has become a story much larger than the game of golf. We once thought that Tiger Woods was simply about the game of golf and, outside of the golf course, he was a loving, family man…now we know much more. Read below about what happened to Tiger Woods, view pictures of Tiger Woods’ mansion, his wife Elin Nordegren, and his ever-increasing list of women.

I pride myself on decorum and like to think that I am above all of this tawdry speculation about what really happened with Tiger Woods.  Are you kidding me?  Let’s have at it!

First, as we explore this situation, let me say that one reason that I always root for Phil Mickelson over Tiger Woods is that Tiger is too perfect, robotic like in his quest for championships.  Phil Mickelson has always been his human counterpart and when he wins it is like a human victory over a robot.

If anything, this Tiger Woods situation makes me like him more.  It makes him more human.  In fact, Tiger Woods even admitted to it, albeit with robotic-like precision:  “I’m human and I’m not perfect” is what he said, almost as if he was surprising himself with this statement.

Why else would I want to write about the Tiger Woods incident and alleged affairs?   There is A LOT of hot babes involved and more seemingly coming through the “wood” work (all puns intended). :)

The whole story begins so humbly, so lovingly.  See photo below:

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Car Crash Infidelity

However, not all is as it appears.Read More

Richard CummingsTigers Woods Human After All: Golf, Infidelity, and Voicemails?

Tom Watson Wins the British Open at Turnberry

will Tom Watson win the british open at TurnberryTom Watson Wins the British Open at Turnberry!!!” Will this be the headline we read five hours from now? Can Tom Watson, 2 months short of his 60th birthday, win the British Open today?

We found ourselves similarly situated last year at about this time.  Greg Norman led the British Open by 2.  After the first day, people thought, as Tom Watson said about himself the other day, “Give the old man one day in the sun.”  Then, after day 2, people acknowledged that an old man can play two quality days of golf with the big boys.  Then, after day 3, people took his lead seriously.

What happened?  Greg Norman went on to shoot a 77.  Age, and pressure, finally caught up with him.

So, is there a significant difference between Tom Watson this year and Greg Norman last year?

Yes, there are two:  Age and Pressure.

Tom Watson is 59, just two months away from his 60th birthday.  Last year, the pundits spoke of the impossibility of leading a major at age 53 with Greg Norman.  The oldest winner of a major is 49.  Tom Watson exceeds that by 10 years.  If he wins, this would shatter all age records.

The age difference between the Greg Norman of last year and the Tom Watson of this year pales in comparison to the difference in pressure.   All Golf aficionados (and that is what you are if you get up early to watch the British Open) know the pains of Greg Norman’s golfing career.  Beating himself and being beaten by others was commonplace in the career of Greg Norman.   Who can forget the unforgettable Masters decline?

Tom Watson does not have the pressure of unforgettable defeats.  He has memories of success.  Inducted into the golf Hall of Fame many years ago, this is a possible bonus on an already brilliant career.  And the British Open is the site of Tom Watson’s greatest successes.  As he has said, this is a spiritual experience for him.

So, will the heading in a few hours read Tom Watson Wins the British Open at Turnberry?  Even with the success in the first 3 days this week, and the vast success he has had in the British Open, winning a golf major is not simple.  His putting woes of the past may reappear, his age may get to him, or his very close competitors may mount a charge.

I don’t know that he will win…but I sure hope that he does.

Richard CummingsTom Watson Wins the British Open at Turnberry