The Curious Case of The Best Man Speech

Over the summer, I attended a wedding along with a few hundred other people.  It was a gorgeous summer afternoon and the outside wedding was proceeding flawlessly.  Weddings can have hiccups as sometimes things go awry, but on this day everything was going perfect.

And then came time for the Best Man Speech.

What happened?  Did he ruin the wedding?  Did he give one of the worst best man speeches of all time?

No, quite the contrary.  He was brilliant.  This best man delivered one of the most hilarious best man speeches that I have seen.  From the opening line of his speech (you’ll see in the video below), he had the hundreds in attendance doubled over in laughter.  He jokes were tastefully colored so that those in the know got the jokes but the kids and grandparents would take no offense.  When he finished, the audience gave him a standing ovation.  I heard several people say–and I agreed–that this was the best best man speech that they had ever seen.

So, why do I tell this story now?

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Richard CummingsThe Curious Case of The Best Man Speech

Short, But Funny, Southern Best Man Speech

What is it about a Southern accent that makes stories even better?  In the video below, we see a short, but very funny, best man speech.

The best man, with a Southern accent and demeanor to the core, begins his best man speech by saying, “Tradition would dictate that this would be opportunity to bring out embarassing stories about the groom, but I am not going to do that.  For example, I will not tell the story about…”Read More

Richard CummingsShort, But Funny, Southern Best Man Speech

Hiliarious Best Man Speech

The Best Man Speech below is an absolutely hilarious best man speech from a Scottsmen.  As we have written many times on this site, humor is mandatory in a best man speech.

In the speech below, the best man at this Scottish wedding uses humor perfectly, though his content is rather edgy.  You must know your audience in a best man speech and he clearly did–many Scottish people who were enjoying themselves and up for a good, if irreverent, laugh.

This is a great example of a best man speech and should be used as a barometer for how to create a funny best man speech.  However, tread carefully if you want to use similar content–it may not go over with all audiences.

In this best man speech, his boderline humor consists of a joke with the bride asking the groom if he would “like to try her black bush”.  Read More

Richard CummingsHiliarious Best Man Speech