Copying DVDs: Where To Begin

I started this blog, copying DVDs, after having written several posts about copying DVDs to your hard drive and copying DVDs to DVDs and other formats.

The fact is that some of you want to know the details–like what is an .ISO file–but most of you simply want answers.  How do I copy DVDs from one format to another?

For you all, you will want to begin with the follow two articles:

How to Copy a DVD: This article shows you how to copy a DVD using tools freely available on the Internet. It explains the process in a way that you will be able to understand in less than 10 minutes.

Copy DVD to Hard Drive
: The other question that people ask is, “How do I copy a DVD to my hard drive?” There are many reasons for wanting to do this. The reality, especially when you are on the go, is that DVDs and DVD players are cumbersome. Thus, it is great to have copies of movies on your hard drive so that you do not need the DVD. This article tells you exactly what you need to copy a DVD to your hard drive for free.

After you have tackled these initial basics, you will want to come back here to the copying DVDs website to get more information on the best DVD products and technologies.

Richard CummingsCopying DVDs: Where To Begin