A One Day Trip to Colonia, Uruguay

A One Day Trip to Colonia, Uruguay

My Uruguayan friend Vicky and I took a trip to Colonia, Uruguay last week.  Colonia is town situated along the border between Argentina and Uruguay.  Most folks pass through here on their short journey to Buenos Aires (the quick boat gets you there in just an hour).  It’s well worth it to take the time to visit Colonia rather than just passing through.

Colonia is a strong mix of Spanish and Portuguese history.  The two empires fought endlessly over Colonia like she was a woman neither could live without. Read More

Richard CummingsA One Day Trip to Colonia, Uruguay

Living in Uruguay: Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my Uruguay website.  My name is Richard and I will be traveling in Uruguay for 3-6 months and documenting my excursion on these pages.  

Someone once said to Socrates, as he was articulating the benefits of travel, “Well, Antiode learned nothing from his travels in Rome.”  Socrates responded, “Precisely not, he brought himself along for the journey.”

And so, with any preconceptions left on the home doorstep (not that there are many…I live in San Francisco after all), I leave for Montevideo, Uruguay on August 20th

My goals for the excursion are as follows: 

  • Attain fluency in Spanish.  I currently use this Spanish program. You can download it now and begin immediately.
  • Create a fantastic Uruguayan website such that everyone visiting Uruguay will want to visit.
  • Document my Spanish language school and what it is like doing a local homestay. While this will be specific to my Uruguayan homestay, it may assist others as they embark on similar journeys.

I will document my travels in many forms:  text, pictures, and especially video. 

I have always had a particular idea of travel, which is this:  Historical events, buildings, museums, etc. are terrific to visit and can contribute to one’s understanding of an area.  However, though they may reflect the heart and soul of a location, they are not the heart and soul itself-the people are. 

One of my goals, in creating this website, will be to bring you the heart and soul of Uruguay-the Uruguayan People. 

So, if you are interested in life in Uruguay, go ahead and favorite this site as I will update it often.

All the best,


Richard CummingsLiving in Uruguay: Introduction