Funkilcious Fridays: Answering Pivitol Questions

The Killers Are You Human or Are You DancersAre we human or are we dancers? 

As I listen to this lead song for Funkilicious Fridays this October 22nd, I have a question of my own:  Are the two really mutually exclusive?

I have yet to be at a club dancing, looked at an attractive girl, and wondered:  Is she human or is she a dancer?  I wondered other things, but they were along other lines entirely 😉

Be that as it may, I respect the fact The Killers want to ask this question, especially when they find themselves with vital signs and cold hands on their knees looking for the answer.

Here’s my question:  Is this a great song to start off Funkilicious Fridays?  Answer:  Indubitably!

The Killers: Are We Human or Are We Dancers Video

While inspired by The Killers to create a Funkilicious Fridays dedicated to answering questions, I thought it might be a challenge to find songs with question-based titles. Alas, this is the Internet world, and people want to know everything. Take a look…What Songs Have Questions in Their Title? The challenge now is to limit this list to funkilicious songs or, as Miriam Webster defines it–songs that make you want toRead More

Richard CummingsFunkilcious Fridays: Answering Pivitol Questions