Library Books on the Kindle?

Kindle Library BooksQuestion:I heard that you can check out Kindle Books from your local library. Is this true? If so, does it work well and how do I do it? Thanks in advance, Gina — Missoula, Mt

Library Books on Your Kindle: One of the Best Things About Your Kindle

Gina, terrific question and we are happy to answer this for you.

Yes, you can rent library books on your Kindle. It works well and it’s absolutely awesome. It’s probably what I do most with my Kindle.

In this article, we’ll first distinguish between the Kindle Lending Library and getting Kindle books from your local library, which will be the main focus of this article. Read More

Richard CummingsLibrary Books on the Kindle?

How Much Can I Put In My Roth IRA

If you are wondering, “How Much Can I Put In My Roth IRA?”, you have come to the right place. We will discuss how much you can put in your Roth IRA and various situations that may arise.

If you are unfamiliar with Roth IRAs, read more on the page entitled What Is A Roth IRA.

How Much Can I Put In My Roth IRA: The Answer For Most of You

For most of you, the answer will be the same. You can put $5,000 into your Roth IRA. But wait! This was the number for 2009 and the government appears to be very flexible with us during these trying economic times. Apparently, they are going to adjust this number for inflation.

Let’s see.

Well, currently the numbers have not changed. We are still limited to the $5,000 dollar amount. However, there is one exception, the IRA “catch-up”.

IRA Catch-Up Amount

The one exception to the $5,000 limit is the people who are age 50 and over. This is called the IRA “catch-up” allowance and allows people to contribute an extra $1,000 each of these years.

Apparently, the government (in its infinite wisdom?), realized that we are not a nation of people who is planning well for the future. We are the “Now, Now, Now” generation of people.

Thus, when people are 28, instead of putting $5,000 in a Roth IRA, they elect to buy one of the best LCD TVs, get a great home theater, and take a trip to the Bahamas.

When they reach their late 40’s, they say, “Holy Sh*t, I have saved absolutely nothing.”

It is for them that the government has graciously created the “catch-up” IRA amount. But $1,000? C’mon government. Can’t you make this amount more like $10,000. We spent that money on fancy items to keep the economy rolling. Now, help us out ;)

How Much Can I Put in My Roth IRA: Summary

You can put $5,000 dollars a year into your Roth IRA. Ah, but you may be asking–because your clever–“can I open a whole bunch of Roth IRAs and put $5,000 in each?”

Buzzer! Sorry, you cannot do that. You can have several IRA’s but the total combined contribution cannot be great than $5,000.

However, you can have both IRAs and 401ks at the same time. Thus, max out that 401k as well if you are behind on your retirement contributions.

Roth IRA: More Reading

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Richard CummingsHow Much Can I Put In My Roth IRA

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

amazon-prime-reviewQuestion: I am wanting to know if Amazon Prime is worth it.  I keep getting these offers to join Amazon Prime and it seems like kind of a good idea.  I would like to understand it a little better and would like to here from someone who uses it to know whether they think Amazon Prime is worth it.  If you have time to answer my question, that’d be awesome!  Many big thanks, Jeannie, Charlotte, NCRead More

Richard CummingsIs Amazon Prime Worth It?

What is “Molly”?

Music Festivals & MollyIf you have ever heard people talking about something called “Molly”, you certainly may wonder “what is Molly?”

I have just returned from the Electric Forest Music Festival where the question was not “what is Molly?” but rather “do you know where I can get some Molly?”

Why would people be asking this at a music festival, you ask. Well, it’s because Molly is a drug and Molly is slang for pure ecstasy, also known as MDMA. And, at an Electronic Music Festival, nearly everybody, certainly all of the 30,000 people at the Electric Forest Festival, are taking “Molly”. On the wikipedia Molly-MDMA page, one of the reported subjective side effects is an “uncontrollable urge to dance.” And, definitely, people are dancing all day and night at the Electronic Forest Festival.

Is Molly Dangerous? Should You Try Molly?

I am not a scientist but there is certainly a lot of information out there about Molly. Here are some Google searches that you can just click and see many different perspectives:

Is Molly Dangerous?
Is Molly Bad For You?
Is Molly Addictive?

These are all searches that you might want to take a look at. It’s always important to know what you are putting into your body.

However, I will say two things and, mind you, this is my subjective assessment but based on real experiences.

One, I have always shied away from all heavy drugs and initially I thought Molly was in this category and so I stayed away from it. However, after doing lots of reading, my opinion on that has changed. Molly is not in that category of heavy drugs; it simply makes you happy and loving with a strong desire to dance, love life, and be intrigued by colors of all variety :)

Update, December 2014: I have just watched a a Drugs, Inc National Geographic special called “Manic Molly”. The reality nowadays is that most of the “Molly” that people are getting is not real MDMA. Thus, the immediate and lasting effects will not be the true “Molly” experience and you should take immense caution because these drugs are manufactured under very shady and dubious scenarios. Here is the episode of “Manic Molly”.

And, two, I did see several people at the music festival who mix Molly with other drugs. When you start doing this, you have changed the game and better be very careful.

Some Videos About Molly That You May Enjoy

It’s always nice to see some videos about the topics at hand. So, I have a couple videos here about Molly that you may enjoy.

Molly: Why Do People Use It?

Molly: A First Time Experience

Any thoughts? Comment below!

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When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check

stimulus money from the governmentSince the government began offering stimulus checks, many people have wondered, “When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check?”.  In this article, we will take a look at when you should receive your stimulus check from the government.

These are tough economic times.  Even though the economy has shown signs of improvement, many people still need that stimulus check to pay for their monthly bills.  Unfortunately, 2009 may not be as good to you as 2008 was.

Most of the taxpayers who received a payment last year in 2008 will not qualify for a stimulus payment in 2009.

Those who did not file for a stimulus payment in 2008 because they were not eligible may still meet the criteria for 2009.

However, there are many of you asking “when will i receive my stimulus check?” and thus you must know that you are going to get one.

Generally, you will receive your government stimulus check about 8-12 weeks after you file your tax return.

People have a lot of questions about the stimulus package.  Here are the top stimulus check questions and some basic information on the stimulus payments that may be of service to you.

This year, if you are not getting a stimulus boost, you may be interested in a tax refund advance.  This will teach you how to obtain your tax refund from other sources before the government can pay.

We also have many people wondering how long does it take to get tax refund back?  This is because people need the money and they need it sooner than the bureaucracy allows.

If you are financially strapped right now, these are several ways to get money in your pocket quicker!

When Will I Receive My Stimulus Check: Summary

In summary, if you are due a stimulus check (which probably will not apply this year), it will take between 8-12 weeks to receive it and get it deposited in your bank account.

Richard CummingsWhen Will I Receive My Stimulus Check

Where Are My Skype Photos Stored?

Question: Where are my Skype Pictures stored on my computer? I took a bunch of Skype photos of myself and others from within Skype and now I cannot find any of them. So, my question is, where in the heck are the Skype photos stored on my computer?

Skype Photo Location
Skype Photo Location!

Skype Photo Location On Your Computer: Solution

Many people have asked us this question! We are not sure why Skype does not make it more clear where they put their photos on your computer. But, whatever the reason, we know that they should because a lot of people keep asking us “Where are my Skype Photos?”

Fortunately, we have the answer for you and it’s pretty simple.

The easiest way to find your Skype photos on your computer is as follows:

To begin, click Start | Run as you see in the photo below:

Finding Skype Photos
Finding Skype Photos!

In the Run box, you want to type the following: %appdata%SkypePictures (as you see in the photo below)

Skype Directory Location
Getting to the Skype Photo Directory!

After clicking ok, you will see the directory that contains all of your Skype photos as you see in the image below.

All of Your Skype Photos
View Your Skype Photos Here!

Conclusion: Skype Photo Location

On behalf of Skype, we apologize that they do not make this clearer. Wait, no we don’t…it should be clearer, but it’s not!

Now, who cares? We have got you covered.

We have shown you where to find your Skype Photos so that now you can do whatever you would like with them. If you have any further questions or comments, simply use the comment area below!

Richard CummingsWhere Are My Skype Photos Stored?

Why Does The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Lean

Why Does the Leaning Tower of Pisa LeanMany of you want to know “why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa Lean?”.  In this article, we’ll take a look at why you want to know and why the Leaning Tower of Pisa actually leans.

This is a question of great importance as it may someday allow you to answer that final question in Trivial Pursuit and defeat your friend Ernest who has always beaten you.  He’s downright annoying, isn’t he?

Or, you may find yourself with Regis, and be faced with the final question:  Why Does The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Lean?  You’ve bet it all and cannot go back.  If you miss, you’ll lose almost everything.  Can you just hear Regis now (A), “the Tower Leans because of the earthquake in 1721…” The music plays…and you know the answer because you read this article!

Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa

If you guessed Italy, you are right.

Where? Well, it is after all the Leaning Tower of …yes, Pisa. We are smart today!!!

But where in the heck is Pisa? I’ve been to Italy but Pisa was not on my “Let’s Blow Through Europe in 2 Weeks Book”. Perhaps it was because I could not leave the twins I met in Lake Como (what a 9 days that was…leaving me only 2 days to blow through Europe…you wouldn’t have left either…I promise.)

Anyhow, check out the map to your left. Pisa is situated on the west coast of Italy. I could have done the trip from Lake Como in one day were it not for the twins. But why do they have this famous Tower and why does it lean? Ok, I’m getting to that!

What is the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Well, technically, if you want to get technical, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a “campanile”. Envision an Italian saying that with flair and a cup of Italian espresso and it sounds much better. ”

Campanile” means freestanding bell tower. This is interesting because most people build their bell tower as part of the Cathedral. Perhaps the Italians, after much red wine, did not know that they could actually add the bell to their Cathedral and thus built a free-standing bell tower. Thus, The Tower of Pisa is a “bell tower” situated next to the Cathedral. (Pisa built a Cathedral because this was “cool” back then and plus, every other town had a cathedral.

What ‘chu gonna do? You gots to have a Cathedral!”

(direct translation from Georgio on January 8, 1172)

So, Why Does the Leaning Tower of Pisa Lean

Well, Italians have never been known for their precision outside of the bedroom. Of course, they intended for the Tower to stand upright, erect if you will. But, “Cose che succedono”, or “sh*t happens”.

Upon construction of the tower, after some foundation was laid, the Tower of Pisa began to lean to the southeast. This is the most interesting part. The Tower was leaning while it was being built.

Now, I know you think that most architects would cease construction at that point. Looking at each other saying, “hey, we better rethink this, the building is leaning.” That is so un-Italian of you. The Italians said, “Let’s keep this thing going and see what happens.” It only took 177 years to build which is nothing in the big scheme of things, right?

So, what did happen? Though the Tower of Pisa initially leaned to the Southeast, it now leans to the Southwest. Since is resides on bed of poorly laid foundation and loose “substrate” (you’ll enjoy that link–NOT), the lean predictability factor (LPF) is quite difficult to figure out.

Thus, the Italians enjoyed looking at it each day for 100’s of years and asking two questions: (1) Is the Tower still there? (2) If so, which way is it leaning?

An interesting side story about this. In the 1500’s, a gentlemen named Antonio was married to his wife Giulietta. He created a daily ritual whereby he convinced his wife that the Tower would fall any day now. Thus, when they looked out each morning to see the Tower, if it was still standing, Antonio would get to have sex with Giuletta. And, if it was leaning to the Southwest, he would have a nice oral treat that evening. The Tower stood for the length of their marriage. Antonio’s gravestone simply says: “un uomo soddisfatto”. “A satisfied man.”

Will The Leaning Tower of Pisa Fall Down: The Future of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Those who wonder “Why Does The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Lean?” may also ask the question “Will The Leaning Tower of Pisa Fall Down?”. That’s the question I would ask if I am going to visit. If I am going to be inside the thing, I need to know if it will stay up for the time that I am in it. Yeah, I know, it’s stood for about 900 years, but what if?

If you did not visit Lake Como and meet twins, you might find yourself at the foot of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In fact, that may be the only reason that you visited Pisa at all, to see its Leaning Tower.

The government of Italy requested some assistance in 1964 (900 years later) to make this thing stay up. However, they mandated that the Leaning Tower of Pisa must stay leaning. Otherwise, they declared, “nobody will visit Pisa.” And they’re probably right…what else do you know about Pisa?

It only took the reconstruction committee, comprised of a mathematicians, engineers, and historians 26 years to come up with a solution. Those on the initial team had a big party when the designs were complete and laughed, “we made a career out of this!” The two Americans in the group, high on Chianti, were heard to say simply, “I love Italy.”

The reconstruction plans called for the closing of the Tower while work was being done. Every building within reach of a potential “falling Tower” was evacuated. The first thing that the reconstruction team did was remove the bells as they caused excessive weight shifts. The bells would eventually be returned because you cannot have a bell tower without any bells. Then, you simply have a leaning tower with no bells and how interesting is that?

In the end, it took 11 years for the reconstruction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and now the tower is said “to be stable for the next 300 years.”

So, let’s see.

The Tower had stood for about 1000 years. Then, a team of engineers meets for 26 years to come up with a plan for “tower stability” and they can only come up with a plan that will guarantee 300 years.

I’d want my money back!

Why Does The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Lean: Summary

The Leaning Tower of Pisa Leans because it’s built on faulty soil. It shifts as the soil shifts. Though it has stood for 900 years, it has been re-engineered to last for 300 more years.

If you plan to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the year 2300, be careful. Otherwise, visit Pisa to check out…or just stay with the twins in Lake Como and look at pictures of the Tower…and take pictures with the twins!

Richard CummingsWhy Does The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Lean