How To Focus…Or Not

how to lose focusThis morning I lost focus which happens with regularity.

Fortunately, I can control it because I am aware of it.  If you are aware of losing focus, does that by definition make you focused?

My intention was to create a page on my how to video site about how to copy a DVD to a DVD because a lot of people want to know how to do this.  I had already written about how to copy DVD to hard drive and people really liked it so I thought I would expand on the topic.

Then, I lost focus.Read More

Richard CummingsHow To Focus…Or Not

Girls and Cars

I saw an average looking woman driving a Porsche the other day.  The Porsche was incredible, but the woman driving it remained average.

If the situation was reversed, and I were a woman looking at a man driving a Porsche, the car would remain incredible, but the man driving it might also become better looking.Read More

Richard CummingsGirls and Cars

I Wish I Was Divorced

online dating after divorceI really hope that my wife does not read this!  But, as I see my friends getting divorced, they seem so happy.  They have their kids, their guy friends, lots of girlfriends, and the sympathy of the world.  After the initial pain of the divorce, they invariably say:  “This divorce thing is great.  I wish I had thought of it sooner.”Read More

Richard CummingsI Wish I Was Divorced

The Saturday Morning Cup of Coffee, the Internet, and RooshV?

Ah, that fresh cup of java on a Saturday morning.

Paul Simon just came on the stereo with his “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.”  Does he really mention 50?  I don’t have time to check.  But if you’re really bored, and don’t want to read What To Do On the Internet When I’m Bored, you can listen to Paul Simon’s 50 ways and read lyrics at the same time.  When you’re done, let us know whether there are really 50.

Speaking of numbered lists,Read More

Richard CummingsThe Saturday Morning Cup of Coffee, the Internet, and RooshV?

Money Versus Beauty

women and moneyMy friends told me of a particular New York Craigslist post the other night that I had not seen.   In the post, a “spectacularly beautiful” woman requests a man who earns greater than $500,000 a year.  A man responds to her that her beauty is a “depreciating asset” while his money will continue to grow.  His response garnered much attention.

I searched the Internet to find this post and bring it those of you who have not seen it.  Without further ado, I bring you the spectacularly beautiful women who wants a rich man and the man who views her, at best, as someone to date in the short term.   You can read my thoughts below.Read More

Richard CummingsMoney Versus Beauty

Dimitri Phone Message

I had a friend at work who, in his pursuit of someone, was rather persistent.  People would somewhat jokingly refer to him as a stalker.  He would say, “I prefer to call it dedication.”

 Well, meet Dimitri.  Dimitri could even teach my friend a thing or two.  If you have not yet seen Dimitri on youtube, you have not yet seen what true dedication is all about  :)Read More

Richard CummingsDimitri Phone Message

Why Is My Boyfriend Acting the Way He Is

how to make him love youMany girlfriends ask the following question:  Why Is My Boyfriend Acting the Way He Is?

As a guy, I can certainly see why women would ask that question.  We men can often be found wondering Why Is My Girlfriend Acting the Way She Is?

But as a guy, I would like to shed some light on the question that many of you are asking.  So, without further ado, here are five things to consider when you wonder:

Why Is My Boyfriend Acting the Way He Is?Read More

Richard CummingsWhy Is My Boyfriend Acting the Way He Is