iPad Mini

The iPad Mini: The Small Device That Inspires Big Fears!

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini: Coming to Stores Soon?

Apple is reportedly searching for suppliers to build the new iPad Mini, a device that many say will simply crush the competition.

Apple re-invented the market for tablet computers with the iPad.  Until the iPad, tablets had fallen on deaf ears and were thought to be a gimmicky, useless device.

With the success of the iPad, nearly all vendors have jumped on the tablet bandwagon and have sought, usually unsuccessfully, to eat into Apple’s tablet  market share (see an updated list of the best tablets here).  One way these companies, such as Samsung and Amazon, have differentiated themselves is by offering tablets of different sizes and often smaller than the iPad.

Now, Apple will no doubt take not just a nibble, but a huge bite, out of these competitors with the new, smaller iPad Mini.

Of course, Apple is mum on the subject but the word is out.  Apple is searching for suppliers to begin production of the iPad Mini.

Read more about these iPad Mini developments on c|net here.

Richard CummingsThe iPad Mini: The Small Device That Inspires Big Fears!
Google Nexus Featuring Jelly Bean

Google Nexus With Android Jelly Bean: Let the Fun Begin!

Google Nexus Featuring Jelly Bean

The New Google Nexus With Jelly Bean!

The latest variation of Google Android–Jelly Bean–is now available on the Google Nexus HSPA+ and will soon be incorporated into many other smartphone and tablet devices.

There are several new features touted in Jelly Bean and one of those is Google Now. What is Google Now? Google Now packages many features together that you probably use separate apps for. For example, Google Now will automatically deliver you weather, traffic, sports scores, and much more all in neat little notes called “cards”.

Another feature being touted with Android Jelly Bean is like butter. It’s actually known as Project Butter, designed to make Jelly Bean faster and more responsive. In addition, Project Butter enhances your Smartphone and Tablet keypad experience.

Google Nexus With Android Jelly Bean:  A Video Look Inside Jelly Bean

Here is a comprehensive video of Google Nexus using Android Jelly Bean. The presenter gives excellent examples of Jelly Bean and we see just how awesome and quick Jelly Bean is on the Google Nexus.

Is the Google Nexus with Jelly Bean better than an iPhone?

Let’s have a look at some sites that discuss this matter.

Wait for the iPhone 5 or go Google Android?
The latest Google Android devices on the market are impressive. And with Google’s latest software release, it’s hard to imagine that Apple will come up with anything to top it. But should you wait for the new iPhone anyway? Ask Maggie’s Marguerite Reardon offers some advice. Originally posted at News – Mobile (read more)

Google Nexus 7 vs the iPad
It’s time for the inevitable comparison between the newest tablet on the market, the Google Nexus 7, and the dominant device in this category: the iPad. While the comparison might seem like the obvious thing to do, it’s much more sensible to compare to the Amazon Kindle Fire – and before we get too deep Read The Full Story (read more)

Battle plan: Apple vs. Microsoft vs. Google
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Google Nexus with Android Jelly Bean: Conclusion

If you have not laid your hands on the Google Nexus, it is quite a product. Many objective observers prefer it to the iPhone. And, with Android Jelly Bean, it’s even better. You owe to yourself to play with it and let the fun begin!

Richard CummingsGoogle Nexus With Android Jelly Bean: Let the Fun Begin!
DNSChanger Malware

Computer Virus Strikes Monday | More Than 300,000 Infected | Are You One of Them?

A computer malware virus strikes Monday that will affect more than 300,000 computers worldwide, and 70,000 in the United States, on Monday, July 9th. Are you one of them?

DNS Changer Virus

The DNSChanger Virus Strikes Monday

The severity of this virus may be overblown as the Internet authorities have already caught the conspirators, a group of cyber criminals from Estonia.  The virus that they created and silently installed on many systems who would redirect Internet searches to advertisement sites.  They cyber criminals were handsomely compensated for this redirection…to the tune of about $14 million dollars.

How Will the Computer Virus Affect Systems on Monday?

Since the FBI caught the offenders last November, they replaced the malicious servers that infected your machine with temporary servers that would allowed you to function.

As of Monday, they will be taking those servers down and over 300,000 users of computers may find it impossible to go on the Internet.

So, what can you do?

Well, the FBI has created a Step-by-Step plan that you can read here about getting rid of this malicious piece of malware, known as DNSChanger.

But there is an easier way to tell if you are infected.  Simply visit this site and it will tell you whether you are ok or not in simple green and red colors.


Richard CummingsComputer Virus Strikes Monday | More Than 300,000 Infected | Are You One of Them?

Beyond the iPad: The True Legacy of Steve Jobs

legacy of Steve JobsFor many, the legacy of Steve Jobs may be the device you hold in your hand or the computer on which you are reading this right now. But the true legacy of Steve Jobs is not one of technology, but of life.

In the many accounts of the life of Steve Jobs recently written, we read articles such as how Steve Jobs changed the way we interact with music and how Steve Jobs Told Us What We Needed Before We Knew. Certainly, Steve Jobs will be remembered 100 years from now for the way he created the perfect marriage between art and technology.

But, if we stop there, only acknowledging the great technical products that Steve Jobs bestowed on the world, we miss the greatest lesson that Steve Jobs has given us.Read More

Richard CummingsBeyond the iPad: The True Legacy of Steve Jobs

Adobe PDF -Windows 7 Not Working: Cannot Use Adobe To View PDF In Browser

Using Adobe with Windows 7, I have been getting the message: Cannot Use Adobe To View PDF In Browser. If you are getting the same error, here is the solution that worked for me.

Over the last year, I have been getting the message Cannot Use Adobe To View PDF In Browser and, rather than fix it, I have just dealt with it. Today, I researched and fixed it because I had to review several Adobe documents on my Windows 7 machine.

The fix, in my case, was remarkably easy…I should have taken the time to fix it earlier.

This solution may work for you if you have a similar setup.

Cannot Use Adobe To View PDF In Browser: The Solution

Read More

Richard CummingsAdobe PDF -Windows 7 Not Working: Cannot Use Adobe To View PDF In Browser

Google Search Results Redirected To Other Sites

I just had a problem with my laptop in which my Google search results were being redirected to other sites. I will tell you how I fixed the problem with the Google search results being redirected.

How annoying is this problem? It just caused me to lose about 3 hours getting rid of it. Hopefully, my solution can help many of you out there that are having this problem.

First off, the traditional tools did not help. My standard anit-virus did not catch this problem nor did the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software but I still recommend installing this at some point.

Apparently, when you have this problem with the Google search results being directed to other sites, it can be of varying degrees. However, I think this solution that I will give you will help many of you out there with this Google redirect problem.

Fix For The Google Search Results Redirected To Other Sites

Basically, we are going to download three files and then run them all in Windows Safe Mode and your problem should be fixed. My Google redirection problem was not solved until I followed these steps. Hopefully, this will solve your problem too and it should be done within 30 minutes. Read More

Richard CummingsGoogle Search Results Redirected To Other Sites

Verizon 4G Wireless Internet 5GB Bandwidth Limitation: The Fastest Internet You Can’t Use!

Verizon Wireless 5GB Bandwidth LimitIf you are considering Verizon 4G LTE Wireless Internet, you might want to stop right now. Their current package has a 5GB bandwidth limit, which makes Verizon Wireless Internet the best Internet service that you can’t use.

A few days ago, I wrote this Verizon 4G LTE Wireless Internet Review. I wrote glowingly about this Verizon 4G Wireless Mi-Fi product because it was truly remarkable: easy to setup, easy to connect to, and Internet speeds the likes of which I have not seen in a home network. And, on top of that, it was all wireless–you could literally take it with you anywhere you wanted to go.

And then, as I was filing away the contract paperwork, I saw a little note that said: 5GB Bandwidth Limitation.

Verizon 4G Wireless Internet 5GB Bandwidth Limitation: You Can’t Be Serious

Excuse me? I thought I had read this wrong. A 5GB bandwidth limitation?

The reason people need fast Internet is to do things that consume bandwidth! I dont’ need superfast Internet to check email or view web pages. All of these things are fine on DSL. I, and you, need fast Internet to watch YouTube videos, NetFlix movies, Hulu Online TV, and everything that is “downloading” or “buffering” when I wish I could start watching it right away.

Most people are unaware just how limiting 5GB of bandwidth really is. Well, let me tell you. One movie of decent quality video consumes about 1GB of bandwidth. Read More

Richard CummingsVerizon 4G Wireless Internet 5GB Bandwidth Limitation: The Fastest Internet You Can’t Use!