Entourage Season 6 Premiere, “Drive”

entourage season 6 premiereVinnie and the boys of Entourage are back for Season 6.  The Entourage Season 6 Premiere, named Drive, has Vince literally, and figuratively, back in the driver’s seat.

After last years doldrums, with the boys hurtin’ after their movie bombed at Cannes, they are back on top as last season ended with Martin Scorsese offering Vince a lead part in his new movie.

This is good.  We watch the show to live vicariously and who wants to vicariously live through pain.

The Queens Boys are up to their old tricks in the Season 6 Premiere.  Eric, the little Irish munchkin, is finding delights around every turn and his old gal Sloan is jealous and wants him back.Read More

Richard CummingsEntourage Season 6 Premiere, “Drive”