What is “Molly”?

Music Festivals & MollyIf you have ever heard people talking about something called “Molly”, you certainly may wonder “what is Molly?”

I have just returned from the Electric Forest Music Festival where the question was not “what is Molly?” but rather “do you know where I can get some Molly?”

Why would people be asking this at a music festival, you ask. Well, it’s because Molly is a drug and Molly is slang for pure ecstasy, also known as MDMA. And, at an Electronic Music Festival, nearly everybody, certainly all of the 30,000 people at the Electric Forest Festival, are taking “Molly”. On the wikipedia Molly-MDMA page, one of the reported subjective side effects is an “uncontrollable urge to dance.” And, definitely, people are dancing all day and night at the Electronic Forest Festival.

Is Molly Dangerous? Should You Try Molly?

I am not a scientist but there is certainly a lot of information out there about Molly. Here are some Google searches that you can just click and see many different perspectives:

Is Molly Dangerous?
Is Molly Bad For You?
Is Molly Addictive?

These are all searches that you might want to take a look at. It’s always important to know what you are putting into your body.

However, I will say two things and, mind you, this is my subjective assessment but based on real experiences.

One, I have always shied away from all heavy drugs and initially I thought Molly was in this category and so I stayed away from it. However, after doing lots of reading, my opinion on that has changed. Molly is not in that category of heavy drugs; it simply makes you happy and loving with a strong desire to dance, love life, and be intrigued by colors of all variety đŸ™‚

Update, December 2014: I have just watched a a Drugs, Inc National Geographic special called “Manic Molly”. The reality nowadays is that most of the “Molly” that people are getting is not real MDMA. Thus, the immediate and lasting effects will not be the true “Molly” experience and you should take immense caution because these drugs are manufactured under very shady and dubious scenarios. Here is the episode of “Manic Molly”.

And, two, I did see several people at the music festival who mix Molly with other drugs. When you start doing this, you have changed the game and better be very careful.

Some Videos About Molly That You May Enjoy

It’s always nice to see some videos about the topics at hand. So, I have a couple videos here about Molly that you may enjoy.

Molly: Why Do People Use It?

Molly: A First Time Experience

Any thoughts? Comment below!

Richard CummingsWhat is “Molly”?

What is Google Now?

What is Google Now

Google Now is all the rage right now especially with the latest release of Google’s Android, known as Jelly Bean.  So, what is Google Now?  We’ll tell you all about Google Now, right here and right now.

Google has always been a company that provides information.  The more pertintent the information that Google can deliver, the better their offerings.  With that, Google introduced Google Now with this simple description:

“Google Now gets you just the right information at just the right time.”

But what does that mean? 

People say that Steve Jobs actualized his miracle at Apple because he created products that we did not even know that we needed.  Is Google Now an incredible product that we didn’t even know we needed?

Let’s have a look.

We are told that Google Now can anticpate our needs just as these needs arise.  For example, when I wake up, Google Now will tell me the local weather and what the traffic situation will be as I go off to work.  I wonder if it will make my coffee too?

This sounds like things I already have.  My phone and computer currently both tell me the weather.  I can also easily receive traffic reports. 

Yes, but Google Now bundles all of these abilities in one package with me not even having to set anything up.  We receive this information as “cards” thought the day.

Google Now in Action

Confused?  Let’s take a look at Google Now and find out through video how Google Now can improve our lives.

Google Now Vs Siri:  Which is Better?

Many have claimed that the new Google Now/Google Search available with Android Jelly Bean is Google’s version of Apple’s Siri.  You have all used or seen the advertisements for Apple Siri.  You ask a question and, presumablly, Siri will provide you the answer.  But, which is better?  Siri or Google Now? 

Here, this video puts the two to the test:  Siri vs Google Now video.

Google Now:  Conclusion

Google Now is a great offering that anticpates your needs.  Rather than having all of these features in different locations, Google’s Jelly Bean has tied them all together in one place in the form of Google Now.

Will Google convert iPhone and iPad users?

Probably not.  Apple users are downright religious in their fatith.  Just as you cannot easily convert someone to a new religion, you are unliked to convince an Apple devotee that Google provides something better.

The competition, though, is good for us.  It will force each company to keep improving their products.

Richard CummingsWhat is Google Now?

What Version of WordPress Do I Have?

what version of WordPress Am I On

Many of you need to new what version of WordPress you have and I am going to tell you how to find out.

For the uninitiated, WordPress is the amazing platform that allows anyone to quickly create a great looking website. But, there is one big problem: They upgrade WordPress all the time and they tell you that bad things will happen if you do not update. And, in fact, bad things have happened to several sites, with users and passwords being hacked.

Thus, these many upgrades are patches and fixes to WordPress and often times we need them. So, when they put out a new version of WordPress, they will always say, “You need to implement this upgrade if you are on version X.XX.” And, so then you must find out if you are on version X.XX and susceptible to all of this trouble.

The problem? They make it impossible to find out what version of WordPress that you are on!

Ok, well, not impossible but not as easy as it should be. The different iterations of WordPress show you the version number in different places. However, I have several blogs and need to be able to quickly determine what version of WordPress that I am on. So, here is the easiest way.

How To Quickly Determine Your Version of WordPress

In whatever browser you are using, visit the homepage of your WordPress site and go to “View Source”. (Firefox users, see Where is View Source in the the New Firefox?) Somewhere near the top of the file, you see a line that looks like this: content=”WordPress 3.3.1“. This tells you the version of WordPress that you are using and is universal to most implementations of WordPress. And, if you still can’t find the version of WordPress that you on…

Wouldn’t you know it? This works on almost all WordPress blogs except this one. I went to view source here at Well, Since You Asked and it does not have that line. I have many blogs and it worked nearly everywhere but here. The Thesis theme, which I love, must somehow remove that line or perhaps it is the version of WordPress that I am using.

Well, if this is the case for you, click on the “Dashboard” choice in your Admin Panel. There, it will tell you what version of WordPress that you are running.

Ooooppps, I am running an old version here. It says…”You are using WordPress 2.7.” Looks like someone is due for an upgrade đŸ™‚

Richard CummingsWhat Version of WordPress Do I Have?