New Obama Campaign Ad: Romney The Outsourcer

New Obama Ad: “Romney The Outsourcer”

New Obama Campaign Ad:  Romney The Outsourcer

Mitt Romney Will Outsource US Jobs?

In a new ad put out by the Obama campaign, Mitt Romney is accused of being an “Outsourcer” as his private equity firm, Bain Capital, shipped many jobs overseas.

You can view the full ad below but the premise deserves a consideration.

If you intend to vote for Mitt Romney, which you shouldn’t (yes, we’re allowed opinions at this site and so are you), you must consider his mindset and the type of business he runs, a private equity firm.

Private equity firms are not inherently evil. The idea, essentially, is that you can buy a company, turn-it-around, and make it better.

However, in many situations, Bain capital either bought a company and bankrupted it (making millions by paying their consulting fees and then declaring bankruptcy) or they shipped many of the jobs overseas.

Is this who you want to run your country?

New Obama Ad: Mitt the Outsourcer

Richard CummingsNew Obama Ad: “Romney The Outsourcer”

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