Top Reasons To Not Become A Security Guard

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With all of the demand for security professionals and protection all across the nation, there is a serious increase in the amount of security guard jobs that are opening up all over the place. You can search online for security guard positions and find them almost anywhere. This fact combined with the economical climate of the nation, with people losing jobs, or just plain old not being able to find jobs in their fields, makes it very desirable to consider the option of becoming a security guard. There are some positives to becoming a security guard; however, there are also a ton of negatives to becoming a security guard. The top three reasons for people to not become a security guard include the fact that you are constantly putting yourself in harm’s way, you are under paid for the amount of hours and energy that you put in to the job, and you are underappreciated by your coworkers, and the people that you are hired to protect.


Constantly Putting Yourself In Harm’s Way

If you were to make the life decision to become a security guard, it is not all it is cracked up to be. Many people picture becoming a security guard as being that person in the front of the store who is constantly on his or her cell phone or laughing with fellow employees. This is not always the case. When there is a crisis or a dangerous situation, you are expected to hold down the fort until the police officers get there. If there is someone who is threatening your customers and coworkers, then you are expected to be the interface between the public and the threat. You are expected to be the one who is putting him or her self in to harm’s way in order to save others. Do you really want to be risking your life every day?


Underpaid For The Amount Of Time And Energy You Spend

When you make the choice to become a security professional, you are not only choosing to put your life on the line; however, you are also making the choice to get seriously underpaid for doing so. How much is your life worth? Sure everyone takes chances and unforeseen instances can arise every day and put someone’s life at risk; however, how much does it cost for you to put your life in the line of danger every day? Not enough.


Underappreciated For The Valuable Work You Do

Not only are you underpaid for putting your life at risk on a daily basis; however, you are also greatly underappreciated for doing so. People will refer to you as a “rent-a-cop” and “not a real officer” even though you are taking all of the same risks on the job in order to protect the public. Therefore, when you are looking for that next step in your career, unless you are looking to be over worked, under paid, and under appreciated, then you should definitely not consider becoming a security guard.   If you feel that you can handle all of the criticism then Unified Protective Services may be the right place for you.


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