Two iPods, One Computer

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two ipods with one computer
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Ok, here is the deal.  I have two iPods, a Shuffle and a Nano.  I like to use the Shuffle for exercise and the Nano for everything else.  So, my question is this:  Can I have two iPods on one computer?


Apple has written an article entitled How to use multiple iPods with one computer.

Method one assumes that I am two people with two logins, which I am not.

Method two is who I am.

Basically, it says that you just sync your iPod as you normally would, using playlists.

Ok, so I pop in my shuffle (I have been using just my Nano lately) and we’ll see what happens.

Boom, iTunes recognizes it and I set it up to sync with my “Workout” Playlist.

And I am all set.  It turns out that two iPods on one computer is simple.

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Richard CummingsTwo iPods, One Computer

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