UFC 182 Fight Night

UFC 182 Winner: Jon “Bones” Jones Beats Daniel “DC” Cormier by Decision

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UFC 182 has arrived and the winner is…Jon “Bones” Jones by decision. Check out all of the UFC 182 fight coverage below including live fight coverage, videos, pre-fight necessities, and UFC 183 predictions.

UFC 182: A Summary of the Jon Jones Daniel Cormier Fight

Below, I will give my quick takes after each round.

Round 1 Summary: The two came out fighting with Cormier trying to cut off the distance and Jon Jones doing a whole lot of creative kicking–it’s as if they need to name new for the type of unique strikes Jon Jones throws. The round continued with Jones getting some good kicks. Cormier also got a couple of good upper cuts in and a few licks here and there. He is continuing to try to maintain a close proximity Jones whose reach advantage is like a foot. Definitely Jones won the first round and but it wasn’t completely dominating

Round 2 Summary: A good portion of round two took place at close range. Jones was able to get some good kicks in but I think I felt that Cormier won that round. He seemed to get in more punches and he was the one who he had more ring generalship as he kept the fight tight and kept Jones in close proximity. I think I give this round to Cormier. Jones raised his hand at the end of the round like he won it but it was sort of like when a boxer smiles after they’ve been hit. Misguided.

Round 3 Summary:: Round started with some good blows but then Jon Jones poked Cormier in the eye, which he does because he oddly sticks out both arms without closed fists. He was warned for this after it happened. Cormier took a couple of minutes and then the fight continues. As Joe Rogan just said, this continues to be an extremely close fight. Thew inner of round 3 is totally clear yet. The round continues at fairly close range so Cormier was able to get in some good licks on Jones but Jones continues to use his elbows very well inside and in the end tried some sort of flying headlock move that did not work. Round three could have gone to either guy…I’d probably give it to Jones.

Run 4 Summary: Cormier, who’s never been taken down once in his life before this fight has just been taken down fairly easily by Jones twice in round 4. However, Jones could not completely capitalize on these take downs. It seems that Cormier is getting a little winded in this round 4. He’s only been in one 5 round before but Jones has been in several and John seems to be the better conditioned athlete at this point. They returned to stand up fighting with about a minute and a half left and things were about equal. But Jones clearly one round four based on his takedowns and his aggressiveness. At the end of the round, Jones raised his hand in victory once again.

Round 5 Summary: As we enter round five, it’s either two rounds or two or three rounds to one in favor of Jones. You would think that Cormier has to win this round to have a chance; he probably needs a stoppage. The first minutes of the round are uneventful as they fought against the cage and traded some minor blows. The entire second minute of the round also took place as they grappled slowly, deliberately and traded some more minor blows along the cage. Cormier is trying desperately to bring Jon Jones down. With one minute left in the fight, this round is generating boos form the crowd as not much is happening. With just under 1 minute left, Cormier was able to lift up Jones and slam him to the ground but Jones was unaffected and stood right back up. This uneventful round went to Jones because he got in the better blows.

The fight has gone to the judges. It will either be 3-2 or 4-1 in favor of Jones. And, from Bruce Buffer…all judges score the fight the same: 49-46 in favor of Jones (4 rounds to 1).

The broadcast concluded with Joe Rogan interviewing Jon Jones. Jon Jones said some unkind things about Cormier and then apologized for being classless. Does this apology make it classful?

Did the fight live up to its billing? Can fights with this hype ever live up to the billing? It started out as a quality fight but devolved a bit in the last two rounds. But am I glad I watched it live? Absolutely!

Where To Watch UFC 182 Jones Vs Cormier: Pay-Per-View, Online, or Live

To watch UFC182 live, you can get tickets for the event which will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday night, January 3rd. You’ll be paying an arm and a leg for the tickets but it will be well worth it.

Most of us will not be fortunate enough to be there live so we can watch the fight on pay-per-view. Here are the many different ways to watch UFC182 on your TV.

For those you who prefer to watch the fight online on your computers, tables, or phones, you can do that as well. Probably, the best choice to ensure good quality online is to watch UFC182 on YouTube.

UFC 182: The History, The Build-Up

The Main Event for UFC 182 pits Jon “Bones” Jones vs Daniel “DC” Cormier. This event has been a long time coming. They were originally scheduled to fight each other on September 27th in Las Vegas. In the promotion leading up to this September 27th bout, Jones and Cormier got into their now famous/infamous prefight fight as we see in the video below.

The Jon Jones Daniel Cormier Promotional Brawl – Full Video

The plain truth seems to be that these guys just don’t like each other. Often, prior to a fight, UFC combatants are either completely respectful of one another or engaged in the traditional dissing to hype the fight with no real bad blood. Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz would be a glaring exception. These guys plain do not like each other…just like Jones and Cormier.

Let’s take a look at some other video interviews to see the “bad blood” first hand and get ready for the fight.

Jones vs. Cormier Video: A “Bad Blood” Presentation by the UFC

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Going At It (Verbally) After Their Promotional Brawl

Jones/Cormier: A Recent ESPN Interview

Finally, you may want to check out this page for UFC182 predictions.

Other UFC182 Fight Resources & Links

Jones-Cormier fight moves to Jan. 3: ESPN on the fight date changed because of Jones’ injured leg.

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Richard CummingsUFC 182 Winner: Jon “Bones” Jones Beats Daniel “DC” Cormier by Decision

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