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Top Selling Wii Sports Games for Christmas:  Roku HD PlayerWith the Roku HD Player, you never need to visit Blockbuster again.  This Roku HD Player allows you to download movies via Netflix or Amazon on Demand and begin watching them right away.

I prefer ideas to products and that is why I do not do many product reviews.  However, this product is such a cool idea that I wanted to talk quickly about it.

I was reviewing this list of the Best Christmas Gifts as the Holiday time is approaching and one product really caught my eye:  this Roku HD Player.

I had never heard of it:  Have you?

This is a groundbreaking little device that costs under $99 and it will save you time, money, and make watching movies much easier.

The concept is simple.

You have a TV.  You have Internet.  Why can you not just download movies from the Internet and watch them on your TV?  Why do you need this middle-man called the DVD?  Now, you don’t.

The Roku HD Player easily connects to your TV and allows you to download movies from Netflix or Amazon on Demand.

This product will work with any television though it is best experienced in HD on the best LCD TV which is probably in your living room.

In an article entitled, How to Connect  Computer to TV, I wrote about the Cables Needed To Hook Up PC To TV. This method also allows you to use the Internet on your big screen TV and download movies online.

However, this Roku HD Player simplifies everything. It connects wirelessly to your home network, easily connects to your TV though the HDMI cable, and then provides an on-screen menu with point-and-click movie watching.

If I am in my pajamas and I want to watch a movie of my choosing, I use to have 2 choices: One, put on clothes and go to Blockbuster or (2) wait a few days for the Netflix DVD to arrive in the mail.

Now, I just turn on the TV, grab the Roku remote, and begin watching.

It’s a great idea and a great product. Get your Roku HD player for Christmas now before sales run out (which they might because it is currently the #1 seller in electronics).

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