What Is The Best Way To Heal From A Wound

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Many of our Best List Fans out there have asked  “What Is The Best Way To Heal From A Wound?”

I am no doctor but I recommend Neosporin!  I take this with me wherever I go and it always seems to do the trick.

However, given that I am not a doctor, let’s find out what the real folks have to say about…

What Is The Best Way To Heal From A Wound

  • Wikipedia has an extensive article on wound healing but this will give you practically nothing if you do not like medical terminology :). 
  • This article, entitled Why Won’t Some Wounds Heal?, is interesting because it talks about predicting which wounds will not heal.  That’s pretty cool!
  • Finally, here is an article called Cuts, Scrapes and Wound Healing that seems to address The Best Way To Heal From A Wound.  They provide the proper procedures to heal from a wound.  Make sure that you read the procedures.  In one of the steps called “Apply Antibiotic”, guess what they recommend?  YES, Neosporin.  Buy some Neosporin on Amazon now for all of your future wound healing needs!
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Richard CummingsWhat Is The Best Way To Heal From A Wound

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