Windows 7: Sort by Date But Show Folders First

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Windows 7 Explorer Fixes

Windows 7 Explorer Problem

In Windows 7, is there any way to sort by date but still see folders first? The default behavior in Windows 7, which is annoying to me, sorts by date but shows all files first. Can you help? Thank You Very Much,
Landa Nun, Gulf Springs Alabama.

Show Folders First In Windows 7 Explorer

Landa, we’re with you…this is an annoying problem which did not use to be there. For me, on my personal desktop, about 99% of the time, I want to see the folder list at the top and I always seem to have a huge list of folders. Thus, until I found the fix below, I ALWAYS took issue with this.

I have created a couple of Windows 7 pictures from my desktop to illustrate the problem and solution.

Sorting in Windows 7: The Before Picture

Ok, here is the problem to which Landa is referring. When you choose View | Details in Windows 7, the default result looks like this:

Default Windows 7 Sort Display

As you can see in the photo, the files come first, not the folders.

Sorting in Windows 7: Making Folders Appear at The Top

Landa’s goal, then, is to have the most recently modified folders appear first…not the files. Well, fortunately, since you have finally found this page, the solution is easy.

1.) In Windows Explorer, choose View | Details
2.) Click the Date Column Heading until you are sorted by the latest first.
3.) Now, the clincher: While holding down the SHIFT Key, click on the Name column.

Voila! You, Landa, and I have solved our problem as you see in the photo below:

Windows 7 Show Folders First

We hoped this post has helped everyone out there who has wanted to sort their Windows folders by dates but still see the folders, not files, at the top.

And, as always, if you have a question, hit us up at Well Since You Asked. We’ll get you the right answer…and we’ll make it fun đŸ™‚

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Richard CummingsWindows 7: Sort by Date But Show Folders First

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