10 Things For You To Do This Weekend

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How is it that people can say that they’re bored with so much out there to do?  Here’s a list of 10 great things you can do this weekend with links to great videos on how-to do all of them:

  1. Learn How-To Salsa Dance
    You have always wanted to learn how-to dance but you never have.  This weekend, grab your girl or your guy, and try to learn salsa together.  Even if you’re bad, I promise you that you’ll have a good laugh!
  2. Learn How-To Do A Cool Card Trick
    Do you have kids, nieces, or nephews?  Nothing impresses more than a few good card tricks.  It takes just a few minutes to learn but amazes for a lifetime.  And at parties, when a deck of cards is pulled out, you’ll be a hit.  On this link, you’ll find The Best Card Trick in the World
  3. Learn How-To Make Sushi
    Do you know what?  I hate sushi but every girl that I have ever gone out with loves Sushi.  What says love more than learning how to cook something you despise?
  4. Learn How to Properly Take Pictures with your Digital Camera
    Do you know all those digital pictures that you have taken?  Yeah, those ones…they’re not that good.  Visit this link to learn how-to take outstanding digital pictures. 
  5. Learn How-To Create a Podcast
    Do you have something to say?  Do you want people to hear it?  There’s no better way to get your ideas out, or listen to others, through Podcasts.  Get with it…learn about Podcasts.
  6. Learn the Tango
    Salsa wasn’t your accoutrement of choice?  Then go for Tango.  Remember Scent of a Women when Al Pacino takes over the dance floor with that young beauty? Well, no longer will you say, Geez,  that guy is good…people will be saying it about you!
  7. Improve Your Golf Game
    Do you want the truth about your golf game?  It’s not that good.  I played with a 2-handicap last week who shot a 90.  There just aren’t that many good golfers (including meJ ).  So stop trying to create your own solutions when the answers are out here on the Internet.
  8. Learn Spanish
    Sure, it can’t be done in one weekend, but you have to start somewhere.  Not only will knowing Spanish allow you to communicate with many more people, open new worlds, and expand your relationship opportunities, it’s fun.  So, get started today.
  9. Get Rid of the Bags
    What?  Yes, they are there or they are coming.  The bags?  The bags and wrinkles that outline your face now or in the future.  This link will teach how to practice healthy skincare throughout your lifetime.
  10. Change That Mop You Call a Hairdo
    Yep.  You fiddle with your hair when your bored.  Why not do something cool with it?  This page has all the fashionable tips that you will need to improve your look. 

There’s one thing that you are not allowed to this weekend:  Be Bored.  If you find that you’re bored, and nothing appeals to you, read What Can I Do On The Internet When I’m Bored.  When you’re still bored after that, re-visit the above list and choose one of the ten things to do this weekend.

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Richard Cummings10 Things For You To Do This Weekend

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