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On this page, we feature the best laptop computers on the market today. Technology changes everyday and people are constantly asking us “Who makes the best laptop?”

Choosing the best laptop computer can be difficult with so many options available. Fortunately, we do the work for you. Laptop computers are heavily reviewed by those who use them and thus the best selling laptops are those that are also the best-reviewed laptops.

The list of the best laptops changes from day to day as new laptops surface all the time. Fortunately, we keep up with these changes and bring you the latest list of laptops each day. Each of the laptops below has a link to purchase and read reviews. This is a great way to find out first hand what others have thought of the laptop: Does it work as it should? Is it nice to type on? How is the screen? Is it fast?

For the laptops below, you will general see extremely positive reviews because these are the best selling laptops on the market. To assist you in your decision, we have created a section below entitled How do I choose the best laptop?” that you may also want to read. So, without further ado, let’s see what is the best laptop computer that people are buying right now.

Best Laptop Computers: The Top 10 Laptops

This list of the 10 best laptops was compiled for you on .

How Do I Choose the Best Laptop?

If you are not in the computer industry, it can be very difficult to decide on what laptop computer to buy. The choices now-a-days sometimes seem endless. Many are left perplexed asking , “How Do I choose the best laptop?”

Let’s look at a few things that make your decision process easier.

First, most laptops contain the same “insides”. They all use processors, memory, hard drives, and screens from the same or similar manufacturers. For example, all computer processors for laptops come from two vendors, Intel and AMD. Thus, the person who “makes” your new laptop simply puts these components all together.

In the past, there were only a few companies, like Dell and HP, who did this. Now, there are many and many are doing just as well, if not better, than these “big boys” of tech. You will also find that the pricing of these new competitors is also extremely competitive.

All of the laptops listed above have proved their mettle. Each has been tested and used by thousands of people. We encourage you to read the reviews of each laptop to determine the pluses and minuses by all of those who have used the laptop.

We also suggest you look at two main criteria: battery and support. The new manufactures, such as ACER and ASUS, are creating laptops with lots of battery power which is very important if you intend to take your laptop on the road for more than a few hours. Also, when you get one of these best laptop computers, you also want to look at the best guarantee. If something breaks, does the laptop company provide support on the laptop.

Each of the laptop computers above comes from, who often provide guarantees of their own. If the equipment that you ordered is inoperable, it can be returned and will send you a new laptop right away.

You will also want to make sure that the laptop that you order has 2GB of RAM or more. This, combined with the power of today’s laptop, will provide you all that you need to do your work, listen to your music, and watch your movies on the plane!

Best Laptop Computers: Conclusion

The purchase price of a laptop is one of the larger items that you will buy. With this list of the best selling laptop computers, you really cannot go wrong. All of them are very powerful and will handle your needs.

If you see Apple’s MacBook on the list, you will notice that their price is always higher. The price of Apple computers is always higher than that of PCs. The MAC faithful swear by their machines(with some justification) but the power of the PC comes at a much more affordable price.

Just remember when considering your laptop computer, the best laptop computer for you is the one that meets your budget and your expectation. Good luck!

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